Minerva – all things that sparkle

We’re back home and I can reveal my Minerva Gold Logies dress with Mr V as my accessory.

I’m so pleased were made the trip to Darwen, UK … the home of Minerva Crafts and met these gorgeous and creative people. The Minerva meet up was great fun and truly memorable. A gala event of sewing proportions.

We’re all wearing our gorgeous outfits for our Minerva night of nights.


In Australia we have the Logies – a gold statuette for the annual glittering night for local stars. The red carpet is the main focus for the fabulous and infamous.

I’m so glad I did travel to the UK and made my ‘all things that sparkle’ dress courtesy of Minerva Crafts using Butterick 6582.

The dress fit was perfect as you can see from the pics above and below.
This was an easy fabric to work with on just a plain, old sewing machine. This dress uses the corded sequined lace, lining and a normal zipper. Simple.

This fabric was perfect for such a special event and using this gold sequin, corded fabric for the logical option. 

You read about my little mishap but learnt how I fixed it. This fabric is gorgeous and easy to wear/dance in. There was no pre-washing involved. This is dry-clean only fabric.


How’s this for a neckline view. 


And it worked well on the dance floor too.

Here we are having pre-dinner drinks with the lovely Louise, Jo and Lucie.

And here’s Stevie, Marie, Amy and Kathryn.
I’m really pleased to have been part of Minerva’s big meet up and got to make this fabulous party dress.
I had to put up another group pic! Check out the Minerva pics for yourself here.


  1. Maria Maria Maria – that dress is drop dead GORGEOUS!!!!! Looks very high end. Love it. And don't you and Mr V look very spiffy together. You both belong on the red carpet.


  2. We do scrub up really well. We had a fab weekend with our Minerva friends. The DJ was overwhelmed by us all.


  3. Oh my gosh what a gorgeous dress. The fit is perfect and I think this design with it's simple style lines is just right and lets the fabric do the talking. The photos from the Minerva meet up look great, love everyone's colourful dresses!


  4. You're right. I love the colourway you chose too. It was draped at the shop. I know your version will be lovely too.
    BTW Sally's dress was brilliant. It was really flattering on her – tres chic.


  5. What a fabulous dress – yes, is an ultra glamorous Logies dress! Sounds like you had such a great trip, what a wonderful opportunity to meet up with fellow sewists AND travel :).


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