Minerva meetup or UK roadtrip

Being invited to be a Minerva Crafts blogger last year was a real highlight for this little Aussie sewer. Then when Vicki let me know about the plans for last Saturday’s meetup months ago, Mr V did the travel planning so we could be at Minerva. Mwah to Mr V. He loves all things travel.

So the journey to the meetup began a bit earlier.
‘What would the day be like?’ ‘What is this placed called Dawen?’
Mr V had us triapse through Dublin and Belfast (Westeros), before we flew to sunny and hot Manchester. 

We grabbed our car and made a quick visit to Manchester before meeting up with Sam and Winnie at Darwen for dinner. Karen Ball joined us and together we had a lovely and not so quiet dinner. You would have read Karen, Sam and Winnie’s reviews about this. It wasn’t the soccer on the tv that made it a rowdy meal;)

Thanks Winnie, Sam and Karen for meeting us on Friday night. 

Saturday at Minerva Crafts was an awesome day. Totally awesome. Here’s a link to the latest photos 

Minerva is a family owned and run business. Their love of crafts is infectious. The staff were on the ball all day and they have a wealth of craft knowledge.
There were a number of demos that I missed because there was so much to see and do.

Sam and I enabled each other assessing fabrics and ‘what could be’ our potential projects :)) 

Thanks Sam and Jordan. Jordan, a keen Minerva staff member, found a roll of fabric that we’d seen earlier but couldn’t find at the counter when we were ready to make our purchases. Thanks Jordan.

All the Minerva staff did a fantastic job on the day, that includes Jess.

Doesn’t Vicki’s dress look amazing?

The Minerva Craft group ran the refreshments and lucky draw. They meet at Minerva 3 times a week to craft and they’re a caring group. I petered out at noon so I was promptly given a seat to perch on with a cuppa in my hand and a sandwich. I really needed that!

There were workshops during the day which I didn’t do so the fabrics, crafts and chatting to everyone ‘knocked me for a sixer’. But it was all good.

Karen Ball gave her very first talk about her sewing journey and she was funny, engaging and everyone connected through their own sewing misshaps. Sometimes I don’t prewash fabrics and I’ve used my fabric scissors for paper. Doh.

The By Hand London girls spoke about how their business has developed and what their current challenges are. They have a strong creative vision that will soon become a strong brand in the near future. And they enjoy life too:)

Thank you to the ladies who said ‘hi’. I’m really pleased you did  and that you enjoy the sewing adventures I get up to:) 

The Minerva bloggers (aka Spoolettes) are so creative and true to their individual styles. Sharing their adventures and knowledge is very inspiring and also lots of fun to be a part of. They have lots of stamina and can really move on the dance floor. 
Everyone’s formal dresses made with Minerva fabrc, were great.

Vicki’s plans for the day went off splendidly. Bravo. Vicki made this an enjoyable day for everyone. The Minerva Craft group said how supportive Minerva Crafts is to encourage their crafting endeavours.

Vicki, I hope you can recover from such a great event and maybe we can look forward to next year’s meetup. I’m saving my pennies up now as I know that ‘all roads lead to Minerva Crafts’.


  1. Impressive mileage to go to a meet up! And yay to Mr V for the travel plans. Sadly I didn't make it on the day (family stuff, you know), but I've enjoyed reading everybody's accounts of the event. And the Minerva staff really are that great all the time!


  2. I am totally jealous of that trip ~ looks and sounds like you had a memorable time. Can see why you want to do it all again, and again … J


  3. It was so lovely to meet both of you that weekend! Your husband is such a darling too – he certainly puts up with a lot haha. Enjoy the rest of your trip 🙂 x


  4. So great that you could make it, it was really brilliant meeting you. I will totally be blogging that cardigan list soon! x


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