Jaywalk dress

Alexa tee from Tessutis is a versatile pattern and I’ve used it as the basis for this Jaywalk fabric dress.

I’ve used the black stripe for the neck and armhole bands. The elastic is encased in the joins at the waistline.

Lots of pins were used to keep the lines in place as I sewed this sweet Summer dress.

The pockets were fun to work out. I found a similar style to this dress and placed it on my stripe Pinterest board.

These patterns show the dropped neckline needed for this dress. While I’ve shaped the centre back pattern for an Alexa top, I kept the centre back on the fold so this dress top would billow.

My skirt workings are on the front top pattern piece. The skirt was basically my largest width dimension (hips) and then I added 20cm for walking space.

The top pieces are cut out and the lines align across the body.

I did test this pattern out on this remnant piece first. 

The trick here was getting the navy colour to be closest to my face and the largest red stripe to sit at my hips.

 The blue fabric in the pic below was the original RTW dress that was my inspiration.

 Here’s how the test dress came out.

And here is the Jaywalk dress.

 Billowing back top view 

 Side view to show how the stripes match.

It worked!



  1. Aloha Maria!
    What a fantastic summer dress pattern. I love both versions of the stripes. I am looking forward to scrolling back now and seeing what else I have missed!


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