Lolita patterns has launched Olive and she has the signature Lolita ruffles and soft features. 


Why wear plain corporate styles all the time when you can soften it with a little detailing.

This fabric is soft and ruffles nicely. Not sure where I bought this rayon fabric from but olive for Olive seemed fitting.

The design change I made to Olive was draft in a V-neckline on Version 2 and added the sleeve ruffle from version 1. You can mix it up anyway that suits your style.

Close up
What do you think about the peplum? The folds sit against my body instead of sticking out.

The sleeve pleats are easy to achieve. Three tiny pleats on both front and back of the sleeve cap.

Adjustments – same as always
Sway back adjustment and roll shoulder adjustment.
The body lengths were spot on. The sleeve length is just a touch short but the right length for the ruffles. These ruffles were fun to make. 

A bit different
I’ve sewn in the side zipper just short of the peplum hem so I could finish the hem using the roll hem foot and not have to negotiate the zipper tape bulk.

Olive in real life
Here’s how I wore Olive to work yesterday. It stood the ‘all-day’ test. Yes, it was comfortable to wear.

I know this is a great top. My colleagues confirmed it. Even the ruffle feature!

Olive fits in nicely with the Minerva work wardrobe I’ve created courtesy of Minerva Crafts UK.

Lolita patternsThanks for including me in the pattern testing stage Amity. She’s always very accommodating to pattern test for.

This month, take a look at more Olives made by: 

There are a few posts now for making Olive fit you well.
Serger tips and working with light weight fabrics
Adjusting the bust
Prepping the back and waistband

Olive is now available for sale! And the timing is perfect because Amity is offering a 15% off all physical patterns sale going on right now for Sewing Indie Month…and that includes Olive! Just use coupon code sewing15indie and the discount will show in your cart. 

There’s a two pack offer as well if you’ve been putting off buying a Lolita pattern – until now.

Have you see my Spring Olive yet?


  1. Your ruffles are gorgeous. I looked at the pattern photo and thought it looked a bit fussy, but your version looks so good on – the soft peplum has such a clean look.


  2. I love your Olive and I also love it with the purple pants. I love that colour green and I love rayon. I think the peplum is lovely not sticking out.


  3. I'm glad I gave this top a try. I understand the bit of fussiness but this is actually a clean look as you say.


  4. Your version is very classy! I think that the V line makes a very interesting difference. And I agree with you, it is quite comfy to wear!


  5. Oh I couldn't agree more about having a little detailing. This is a stunning top!! I love the sewn-in waistband effect which really accentuates the sheen on your gorgeous fabric. Love the ruffles 🙂


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