Duathlon shorts

Melissa of Fehr Trade launched her Duathlon shorts pattern!


Longs, knee length or bike shorts are all in 1 pattern with a neat side pocket panel. As Kbenco said, Melissa choose pattern testers who have the skills to make activewear and who are from all walks of life. And all stages of life like moi:)

I made mine mid-thigh length. So I have a pair for my weekly gym sessions. Mid-thigh length is my ideal length for running up 8 flights of stairs at 6am in the morning, 4 times in a row, in the local car park.

The top is Melissa’s XYT pattern too.
Now I have two black/red versions, a brown/floral version and a blue version. I’ll be to wearing my PB Jam leggings (longs) as soon as it gets cold in the mornings. 

I really like how Melissa’s patterns compliment each other. I only wear the XYT top when it’s hot. 

Technical stuff:
I made the XS size but took out enough room from the centre front and centre back after the first pair were made
There was no need to add extra butt curve as the back waist is higher than the front waist. You need this features as a standard when you cycle.
There was no need to add extra thigh room either!
I lowered the pocket because it seemed to start a bit too high for me.

Money saving:
The mid thigh length versions are a good length to use up leftover lycra for the side panels.

I’ve also made them successfully with a sewing machine and a combination of overlocker and coverstitch machine. You don’t need high tech machines to sew these up in 1 afternoon.

If anyone knows of a supplier of cycling chamoix, please let me know. I want to make proper cycling shorts that I can use for all-day training rides. At the moment, this version without the insert, works fine for indoor spin classes.

I can use a long version of these to wear over a short RTW cycling shorts. So the hunt for reflective fabric is on. It’s handy to have reflective panels on the right hand side when you’re cycling in Australia.

All the best at the London Marathon Melissa!


  1. Here is a tutorial on making your own knicks, but I think your skill level is beyond it! http://specialtyoutdoors.com/make-lycra-bike-shorts-pt-1/ It suggests buying the chamois from these guys: http://www.aerotechdesigns.com/replacement-chamois-pads.html

    I think that is wise, unless you want to copy an existing chamois by shaping several layers of foam, stitching them together and covering them. Like these guys: http://www.ehow.com/how_7797173_homemade-padding-biking-shorts.html Finding the right foam would be the biggest hassle, possibly layers of quilting wadding might work. I guess it would depend on how thick you needed the pad to be….

    I know a few dedicated roadies who wear their old & threadbare knicks, under boardies to maintain public decency. Essentially the same idea as mountain biking shorts. Of course they only do this on recreational rides, not while training seriously!

    Good luck!


  2. Thank you so much for your suggestion. I'll have a look and see what I can get my hands on.
    I've tried sewing together layers of foam years ago and failed. But there's better technology for cycling nix so I'll have a look at your suggestions.
    I'm in the category of roadies who where my threadbare nixs under a new layer especially in the winter when everyone wears layers 🙂


  3. Eight flights of stairs! At 6am!!! Blimey, that is impressive. These shorts look really great. Now I'm wondering if they would be suitable for my hip hop classes…


  4. These are versatile enough to make them any length you need. And the side pocket will keep your locker key too.
    I know that you're talented enough to whip an a very edgy version that everyone will love.


  5. I am so jealous of your collection of shorts! They look sooo great!!!! This is exactly what I need for the summer… but I just have to sew them up now. Which will be no problem because these are so easy to make !


  6. You are all set for your work outs now. Love the contrast and especially the pop of floral. Lovely and so much nicer than what you can buy in the shops.


  7. THanks Carole. Now that I have the orange insert I'll make another pair of nix and test them out.
    Stay tuned cycle sewers:)


  8. Great shorts and very interested in your adjustments as I plan to make this patterns as well, but will leave you to do the stair training.


  9. I've looked into aerotech designs but postage to Australia seems close to cost prohibitive 😦 ; it's pretty much one for one and didn't seem to get cheaper if you scale up (I tried lots of combos!) I'm keen to make my own cycling shorts/leggings, because aside from the chamois, it should be so easy! I like the length you've made, too. I might cut out my chamois from my most falling apart bike shorts … And if you do find a workaround, I'd love to know about it!


  10. These are great-looking shorts. How nice to be able to curate your workout wardrobe with custom-mades 🙂 They fit you well and the colorblocking is very nice.


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