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Big, puffy jackets don’t suit me. But if I really want to wear one for fun what’s the right length and width that I can live with? These jackets are all made using the Lekala jacket pattern that I made for the PR New to me contest.

This first version is ‘bolero’ length. My waist isn’t anything to sing about so I’ll wear this jacket with dark colours to look taller (ok, you can laugh here). 
This denim version has the rib knit on the pocket welt.
This second version is a smidge longer and skinnier. Longer by 5cm. Skinner by 4cm.
I’ve used a remnant furnishing fabric and candy striped lining from the stash.
Shoulder pads were used on this version.

This time I’ve used blue contrast zippers for the pockets.
On this final version, the pockets are closer to the waistband and the side seams and they’re angled straighter. Iron on interfacing was used along the front neckline and zipper areas.

I only had 1m x 1m furnishing fabric provided by Hillary’s UK to work with. That’s why I made a couple of test bomber jackets to make sure this final version would work with the Lekala jacket #5036 pattern I bought last week online for $2.50.

The lovely people at Hillary’s UK is hosting a Hillary’s Blinds Country Crafts Competition and this is my entry.
This time the zippers blend in with the base colour but I’ve kept the red rib knit for the neckline, cuffs and waistband.

Sewing the rib knit to the fabric was fun to do.
The cuff is pinned to the sleeve hem.

Here’s how the finished cuff looks.

The lining basically keeps the seams enclosed and provides a neat finish.

 Sunsilky is used for the lining. No shoulder pads were used on this final version.

The tulip print is large but the tulip placement is easy to work with. 

Below is the jacket back laid on the lining and I’ve placed it so there some ease along the centre back fold.

Here’s how I’ve marked the pockets on the wrong side of the jacket and checked the length of the zipper teeth to the pocket opening.

With a bit of print placement, I’ve used a couple of scrap pieces to keep the tulip stem continuous.

Both versions use different rib knits. To get the waistband knit length correct I held the rib knit across my body to see how it sat. I’m sorry that I have not scientific way to pass on.
The blue knit was 80cm long at the waistband. The blue version is lots of recovery and more defined rib texture. 
I have no idea how to slow this woman down!
The red knit was shorter at 70cm for the waistband. The red is much softer and has good recovery.
And that’s my bomber jacket story.
I hope my older niece wants a bomber jacket…

Bring on autumn:)


  1. You blow my mind! Three versions of the bomber jacket and they are all wonderful!
    Three months ago I found two fabrics that I love and I thought they were going to become a bomber jacket. But I want it to be reversible and I´m thinking how to attach the rib knit on the cuffs, collar and hem without top stitching them…I love the zipper idea for the pockets. Do you think it is easier than a welt pocket?
    I´m tweaking the pattern right now and tomorrow I´m planning to cut the fabric.
    One question: in my pattern, the piece of fabric on the hem that goes from the end of the rib knit to the zipper is part of the front pattern but I see in your jackets it is a piece apart. Do you think that makes a difference?


  2. Hi Merche.
    Ooh. A reversible bomber jacket would be lovely.

    Either pocket type has it's challenges. The reason I used zippers was for a more finished look. The rib welt finish makes the bomber jacket more authentic – if you know my meaning.

    If you want to keep the waistband with rib trim, do it. The reason I used the fabric at the zipper was to be more accurate. With your skills, you will find sewing the waistband on very easy.

    For your reversible bomber jacket, you could still top stitch it but have the different colour in the bobbin to match the inside fabric. Does that make sense?


  3. You've really given that bomber jacket a great workout. The blue looks fantastic on you with the jeans.


  4. I love the collar/ neckline on this Lekala pattern. Makes for a more interesting bomber in my opinion. I know the tulips are your final version, but I think the blue one is probably my fave! All winners though!

    Good luck in the competition 🙂


  5. Wow!! You are on fire!! I've really enjoyed seeing the three together and seeing your designs progress. They all look different and love how different prints are shown off in the same style. Fantastic !!


  6. That tulip fabric is really fab! And I love your gifs of your pix. Gosh, do I need to make a bomber jacket now???


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