Simply lovely dress by ‘Go to patterns’

Gotopatterns has a variety of patterns that are easy to make. This dress is one of those easy to make patterns and it’s simple to fit too. It’s designed by Andrea Pannell.

Our summer has been hot and sticky and right now it’s just plain humid, so this dress has been a go-to weekend dress that lets me stay cool. It kept me cool on a Sunday shopping at Cabramatta (the Saigon of Sydney) recently with some of the Sydney’s Spoolettes. Yes – we fabric shopped after a great Vietnamese lunch.

I did some thinking about the upper body support for this dress but resolved that by keeping the neckline high so I could feel comfortable. I have very few strappy dresses in my wardrobe. See how the armhole curve gives great cover?

The skirt width calculation provided for the skirt is easy to understand and make. It certainly worked for me. The pockets are just the right size to keep your keys in. I raised the pocket placement by 2.5cm.

This print is on a white background and I chose it because of the abstract print and cool colours. The fabric is just thick enough to not need lining.

I’ve used white bias binding for the necklines and the tie is made from the dress fabric. So elastic and bias binding are the only notions I used. You don’t need to add the bias binding. It’s that easy and simply lovely.

Did you know they have a lovely maxi dress for summer too?

The long shadows show DH taking these photos as the sun was setting along the river.

He’s the evening version soon. 


  1. Both versions are lovely – the panel in the evening dress is gorgeous (as are those beige shoes! Lovely dresses.


  2. It is quite hard to find a pattern for a sleeveless dress which doesn't gape at the armhole. The fit of this is perfect – I will have to try it! Thank you for sharing.


  3. Yet another pattern company I have not heard of and now need to explore! Your dresses are lovely and suit you so much – perfect little summer frocks!


  4. I love your dress. I haven't heard of this company either but I will definitely look them up. What a flattering dress and I love the fabric. And I know you've had a smoldering hot summer but we've had an endless, icy and snowy and cold winter, so I have to tell you: I'll take heat over cold any day.


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