Ravens. Send the Ravens

The next season of Game of Thrones is fast approaching. I have GOT on the brain and made these Raven shorts by Sinbad and Sailor patterns

I know. That’s not me in the picture above.  

They’re so simple to make. No zipper and no elastic required. 

Marking the snap position.

Snaps/poppers are all you need. You could add buttons if you like. Adding snaps is fun. I use the long prong snaps from Snap Source and a hammer. 

The thigh width is perfect for cyclist thighs. The peek a boo pocket is cute.

So I did my usual pants adjustments:

  • Sway back adjustment
  • deepen thigh width
  • lower centre back curve
  • Remove 4 cm from the top of the centre back curve to the base of the curve. 
I couldn’t not make the top out of the peek a boo pocket mesh.

This is how I roll…

The top is New Look 6940. More about this simple top next.


  1. Thanks for the tip about that pattern – I have never heard of it but am looking for shorts without a fly zip. Yours are terrific. The whole outfit is great fun.


  2. Love these shorts and the top too. You looked great in them on Saturday. Very fresh and summery. Love the pocket insides too.


  3. What a cute outfit. I avoid shorts–I don't like others to live in fear. But you look great! Thanks for sharing.


  4. I love the color, such a cheery green, and how fun that the pockets match your top. Do you feel quite secure in shorts fastened with snaps?


  5. Joy. I wasn't so sure about the fastenings when I saw the pattern but I wore these all day; was rough on the fastenings; and no mishaps:)
    I think these could be adapted with snaps down the side seam for a bit of drama. Like I've seen at basketball matches.


  6. That green is such a wonderful colour on you and the fact that you created a matching top to go with those shorts – you're a woman after my own heart!


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