Colour Run Sydney

Summer sewing interruption:
I took part in the Colour Run. This is a 5K charity run/walk event. Don’t get this confused with fabric colour that bleeds when it’s washed. There was no way I was going to miss running with the family.The kids had a ball. Having the opportunity to get messy with the colour stations along the way and being given colour dust to get more messy at the end was such fun.

The crowd warming up before an 8am start sans colour.

Ever since Melissa put out her XYT top and PB jam leggings, and the fact lots of people have getting fit as a New Year’s resolution, I’ve been wanting to make the XYT top again with some stash exercise fabric. Any excuse to make another XYT top and the Jalie skort below.

Everyone wears a Color run white t-shirt and you whatever else you want. Tutes, Butterfly wings, crazy wigs – it’s a community event. I was advised to wear another top under the t-shirt to protect my skin from becoming garishly coloured.
On this skort I used the floral print on the side pockets. There’s no elastic in the waistband.

And I finally got to add the gripper elastic to the legging hem, gifted to me by Sarah.
I did a sway back adjustment on the centre back seam of the skirt and the leggings but cut the skirt pieces on the fold. 

My first blue version felt short so I added the 5 cm on the hem of this new version. This first version needed gripper elastic on the legging hems so I’ve now added the elastic to it.

The built in support was wonderful. I had enough of the floral print to make the Y version of the XYT top.
Well there wasn’t enough length for the long top so I used piping in brown to add the extra pieces on the shoulders.
The back skirt is a bit a-line.
Dear fashion police, please overlook this whole matching set. I promise not to intentionally do this again. Unless it looks good:)
The XYT top is long for workouts. 
But I can wear the top shorter for weekend wear. The whole outfit was great for the Color Run.
This is as color messy as I got. My nephew enjoyed throwing colour dust on me.  I’ll spare you the not pretty post-event shot – It’s not at all pretty.


  1. I saw lots of people walking around absolutely covered head to toe in coloured dust on Sunday morning, looked like a fun messy event! Love all the activewear you've been sewing – if I ever started exercising I would want a very cool skirt and top outfit too!


  2. The outfit looks great, matching is fine when it comes to running wear. I love the tops I've made from the XYT pattern, I wear them all the time. The floral fabric you chose is gorgeous.

    I waited for a year for Colour Run to come to Canberra – it's on this sunday and of course I've now moved… November. Apparently it's run here in November. Can't wait!


  3. I have done the color run as well with my son and it was so much fun! And messy!! Great workout outfit! If it's wrong to wear matching workout pieces then I'm in trouble…


  4. I think the matching set looks fabulous. There is only the narrow sides on the skort that match and it looks as it should be – a gorgeous set. Good to see you enjoyed the run. Mind you – enjoy and run are not words I usually use in one sentence!


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