Presidio purse

I had a quick go at making the Presidio Purse for the lovely Seamstress Erin. Yes. I’ve pattern testing again but this is my last pattern test for 2014.

My first bag making episode was painful. The leather bag was easier. This Presidio purse was a much easier make than my earlier attempts and my floral version below has been perfect for summer.

Front view
This hobo style purse features decorative front inset panels (either gathered or un-gathered) and an over-the-shoulder handle that can be all fabric or use hardware for a more ready-to-wear look. The fully lined inside has a large zippered pocket and, inside of that, a smaller subdivided pocket for pens and a cell phone or wallet.

Inside view

It comes in one size, so I decided to use a large print for this large purse. I know I’m short, but I was eager to see how Erin’s purse would work with a large print. It worked!

Erin’s version is really tasteful and well made. She’s used strong coloured fabric, great piping, cool lining, complimentary zippers and purse hardware.

My purse is understated and has been an excellent holiday ‘anything’ purse. I’ve used upholstery fabric I bought on ebay, brocade reused from a failed dress and zippers from my stash.

  • I rushed making this purse in between a bunch of other commitments in the run up to Christmas. So my purse planning was minimal.
  • I put the smaller pocket on the outside of the larger pocket so that I can get my phone fast. This has been very handy while we’ve been on holidays.
  • The front panels were cut on grain so the dahlias aligned to the rest of the print.
  • I missed using the large pocket top piece, but the large pocket still worked out.

Pattern testing in real life
My ‘anything’ purse…I’ve been using Erin’s Presidio purse while on a cycling break in the Victorian high country and I think my understated, everyday purse suits the country life.


A well-designed purse like this deserves much smarter planning than I’ve given it.


What I can say is Erin’s purse instructions are clear, easy to use and very achievable.

Back view

This purse has been handy on cycling days as well as on winery hopping days.

At a park trying not to fall off.
I know many of you plan your sewing projects in much more detail than I do. I’m very confident that when you make Erin’s Presidio purse, your version would be streets ahead on what I’ve achieved. I can already see you nodding in agreement. And Erin has a discount available right now.
I certainly won’t make the Olympic gym team.

I’ll go back to my sewing basics references and have another read of them before my new projects in 2014.

Thank you for reading my posts this year. I’ve enjoyed sharing each project and the ideas and comments you’ve taken the time to share with me. Most of all, I enjoyed meeting all of you and following your sewing adventures too.
Celebrate and enjoy 2014. See you then!!!


  1. Great bag – it looks like it would fit a lot of girl stuff. Love the outdoor shots too…..

    And who was the most helpful person in PR last week???

    Happy New Year


  2. This looks very pretty and very practical. What more could a girl want? You have been getting rather daring in your photo shoots of late, remember how useful those hands, arms and presser feet are and take care!


  3. This looks terrific – great pairing of fabric and pattern – I had to go check out the pattern! Thank you for all your kind comments on my blog this year, and I hope you have an amazing 2014!


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