Spotted fabric lives in my stash. A recent hunt in my stash made me realise there were spots here and there. Navy spots made their way onto my Chloe dress by Victory Patterns. These spots are small and the fabric is light weight. So good to wear in summer.

Well I found another navy spot fabric. I’m sure this was from Pitt Trading. The spots are larger and the fabric is more firmer and light weight. The solution – trousers for summer.

This spots below is my second test trousers for McCalls 5397.

I had to check the fit of this pattern and the fly front I added. The centre back zip wasn’t working for me. Not that it was uncomfortable. I’m not used to a centre back zip on trousers.

This fabric holds its own because it’s very firm and because it’s dark it won’t show creases.

So while the pattern shows slim-fitted trousers, they do have room in the leg, but the leg line is straight.

My ‘white shirt’ is Vogue 8815. The top feels a bit short but it looks ok in these photos so I’ll hang fire on adding an additional longer peplum.
November posts
I have a stack of post about everything that’s happened this month. I’ll get these posted once I have a chance to regroup. This has been an inspiring month in lots of ways!


  1. Spots are just so versatile – they never date. I love both your little outfits. I have wondered about zips at the back – while they might be good for not “adding to the tummy” I think they would be awkward to reach in order to do them up.


  2. Nice! The spot trousers are interesting, the print makes them very casual but the style is very formal. Have you worn them to work yet?


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