Lovely lace

Lining Beatrice in cotton is going to be easier to wear in our hot humid months. There are plenty of family functions coming up.

Beatrice fits nicely now. Testing this dress in calico made all the difference. Thank you Laura Nash for your advice.

And I finally got a shot with my shoes this time. The technical features are here.


  1. I'm always so impressed by people who sew with lace. (I lack the vision and the patience, myself :p) The way you've paired the lace with the simple silhouette looks like a brilliant approach. I hope we get to have a closer look at this lovely on your impending Melb visit 🙂


  2. Maria, you look lovely in this classic, elegant dress. I can hardly believe it was not made by a couturist (?). I hope that you create some overly memories when you wear it.


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