Pronounced “yow-ko-so”. What I’m trying to say is Welcome to Australia in Japanese.
My littlest nephew knows more Japanese than I do and now I want to make the effort to be able to say some welcoming Japanese phrases because Yoshimi the flying squirrel is going to join us for the Modern Love Bendigo meetup in November.

Yoshimi’s makes are beautiful and her photography is really tasteful and artistic. Yoshimi and Carolyn of Handmade by Carolyn have a beautiful joint photo blog with daily posts of their lovely surroundings.

I’m looking forward to being a host this time as I’ve had the opportunity to travel and meet some great local and international sewing bloggers this year.

Go to TJ’s post if you’re interested in meeting up in Melbourne in November. We’re making a weekend of it! See you soon.


  1. I'm so excited! I called Carl up at work to tell him about this. XD His response was better clean up before she gets here-look how clean her sewing space is. XD


  2. Thank you for your very kind words on my makes and blogs! I'm learning that it has been good for me to keep that little squirrel's blog, because I earn so many happy encounters with you and lovely people through it. I'm so looking forward to seeing you all 🙂


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