The beauty of Beatrice

Beatrice was Laura’s Sew Chic dresses that I really wanted to make. That was before Fifth Avenue was released. So I’m very lucky Laura was generous to send me both dresses to make. Thank you Laura.

Beatrice is a stylish fitted dress with a lace overlay.

If you’ve used Sew Chic patterns before, you might find the paper used is wonderful. It’s so crisp and white. And the sound it makes me want to just get stuck into making her dresses.

The neckline is a bit different. The pattern has neckline facings but I love a fully lined dress and that’s what I did.

I originally thought this fabric would work and decided to buy some lace too so I could have a lace version and a brocade version.

Above is my test version of the bodice using cotton stretch woven print, just to be less predictable and add a bit of fun to the testing stage.

Roll shoulder adjustment to the bodice pieces and the sleeve head.
I’ve raised the bodice up so that it sits at my waistline.

The peplum isn’t part of the pattern. It’s a piece I thought would balance well with the fit of the skirt and top. I’ve used the waistline trim from the Beatrice pattern.

Now I’m happy with the bodice fit. The side seam zipper instructions are Ace!

Now to make the lace or brocade version.
PS: You do know that I’m testing Beatrice for nix?
PPS: Laura is about to be a Craftsy presenter. Have a look at her latest blog post.


  1. lovely! You have to be happy that a test version has turned out so nicely, I'm sure the brocade one will look fantastic. Good to see you (briefly) on Saturday, I hope you get through the last bit of your studies quickly so we can see the next version!


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