Lace and netting

Last month I jumped into pretty sewing and made this lace cover jacket, Kwik Sew 3693 View A, for Mum. She has a fuller chest so the front folds sit nicely on her.

This colour goes with the rest of the clothes I’ve made her in light neutral colours. All of the seams are overlocked so this can be hand washed or put in the machine for a quick cool wash and there’s no need to iron it either.

The back shoulder width is good but I’ll need to bring the sleeves higher at the front on her next version.

She was happy with this version and she said it’s a bit airy, meaning cool to wear in the cold. When I mentioned this was a pretty piece to wear inside, she was happy with that explanation and kept it on.

The piece below is a shorter, neater version for moi but it suits Mum better.

This version needs some shaping in the back but I’ve been using this version as a layer to wear in the office for colour.

Back to study.


  1. hahahaha I love how you ended the post with 'back to study'. Cracking the whip before anyone else can XD That white lace is pretty but I reckon your purple version is a lot more usable (less fear of curry stains etc).


  2. Hey TJ. I'm actually thinking of making this again for Mum and dyeing it in tea for another piece for her collection. Curry dyeing could make it sunshine yellow.


  3. Both versions are gorgeous. Love the lace. Going to be great for a nice light Spring / early Summer cover. Lovely. I might just have to “borrow” this.


  4. I bet sewing these was welcome relief from your studies, albeit short lived. Hope your mum gets lots of wear from her jacket, at least she didn't say that it was “interesting”!


  5. A bit airy! Hehe. Aren't Mums hilarious? My mum would have said its lovely and airy. Meaning no way is she going to wear this until its smack bang in the middle of summer! I think the top looks lovely. Both tops in fact. I whipped over to the kiwi sew site and as usual would probably not have really looked twice at this pattern but now I'm rethinking. I think the hoodie version has potential too. By the way, did you see Tessuti now has the pale grey linen I was looking for last week? Botheration. Might need another trip back. Online isn't as much fun.


  6. Wow! These are both pretty & look really difficult to make. I'm impressed. You seem to find the most challenging projects & then make quick work of them.


  7. The lace is a nice change from heavy wintery clothes. Good on you for making something a bit different for your mum. And good on you for taking a productive study break!


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