Pretty sewing

Who doesn’t love a challenge to make such a pretty ribbon skirt in colours to suit you?

Here’s the original skirt that inspired me. Here’s the original Julie Starr Ribbon Skirt that appeared on Pattern Review. The J McLaughlin ribbon skirts that inspired these skirts is now on sale for $70 but was over $200 when it was brought out.

The original ribbon skirt has a narrow waistband, a hidden side zipper, is fully lined, hits above the knee and is a pencil skirt fit.

My skirt is a size 10 using ths skirt from Sew Chic Fifth Avenue. I’ve used exactly 12 metres of 5cm wide ribbon. The skirt fabric is a loose poly woven fabric. 

I made up the skirt with large stitches to ensure it fitted me. Then I unpicked the side seams and added the ribbons applying the top layer first. I made sure that the ribbons overlapped by 1/2cm. When I first sewed the side seams the ribbons didn’t line up so I unpicked the ribbons at the side seams so they would match.

This was not a rushed job.

I didn’t want to wreck it because it’s so beautiful to assemble.
I really enjoyed planning and making the skirt ribbon layers. So I decided to make a dark colourway version for evening events. PS, we had a cold snap last night hence the boots!

The base of both skirts were remnant fabrics and invisible zips from my stash. The ribbons are what I could get from my local Spotlight store. 

I feel confident enough to make this again – for someone in the family.
These skirts were where I drew a line in the sand to put down the fabric and start working on my studies that I have to finish by September. Sewing something at the end of 3 assessments will be my incentive to get back to sewing. I’ll still finish SIL’s coat next week but that’s business that I promised to finish.


  1. Lovely skirt Maria – fiddly and painstaking, but it certainly does look so effective. Study can be a pest, have found that seriously interrupted my sewing for years – good luck with yours, and September is not too far away…


  2. The effort you've put into the fit and seam matching definitely paid off. These are a very polished style, I like it a lot!

    Best of luck with your study. I have great admiration for people who return to study, and I know you'll get the outcome that you desire.


  3. Maria, you look amazing in your new gorgeous skirts. Both colorways are so pretty and you will get so many compliments when you where them. Great job. Good luck on your studies.


  4. Those are very pretty skirts!
    Good luck with your courses! I'm glad (and you probably are too) that your courses will take just a few months, not a few (or several!) years.


  5. Beautiful skirts! I particularly love the first one, and it loks great with those boots!
    I can't wait for you to finish your studies to see what you come up with next! Best wishes for the next few months.


  6. Amazing! You have such patience and attention to detail because they are absolutely perfect. I think the boots are the perfect choice too, it seems to balance out the extreme prettiness of the ribbons. Good luck with the studies, I hope you get study leave from work because that was the only way I got through my post grad studies!


  7. love these skirts, so pretty and so dressy. I've just got soooo many things to do before I get to one of those… *sigh* SewLittleTime, TooManyProjects


  8. Oooh, these are just lovely. I like the pink and olive one best. It's perfect with those boots too. You should enter the copycat challenge at 'I heart Fabric'. Yours are better than the inspiration.


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