Sew Grateful – tutorial – Pattern magic

Today I’m sharing or resharing the work I tested out 3 Pattern Magic ideas.
Click here to read about this again.
This is the Bamboo shoot version that I’ve done for you.

Using a basic block to mark the folds.

Cutting and spreading the folds

Drawing the opened pattern onto a new piece of paper for the material.

Here’s the test version that made me realise you sew folds not darts! Doh!!
And I’ve used this on the Colette Peony dress.

The Bamboo shoot folds were a real learning experience. I also added folds on the sleeve too.

Showing off the back finish, because I loved how it turned out.

The Pattern Magic flickr group is where you should head to next for more real Pattern Magicians.

On Sew Grateful, Wednesday is the Sharing Day!


  1. I love the dress but it looks so complicated. I keep looking at Pattern Magic in Tessuti but well… The fabrics entice me away. You and Carolyn do this pattern manipulation so well. Maybe some talent will rub off on me on Saturday:)


  2. Ooooh, pretty! I have heard good things about this book, and am wanting to buy it. I'm going to check out that other link you posted. Would you recommend to start with Pattern Magic 1 first or if another was available, it would be okay to start with 2 or 3? I guess my question is, does it build in difficulty from 1 through 3 or are there just different patterns? Thanks!


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