The littlies

The nephews had the bag ideas. I just put their ideas into action. Yep, Aunty’s sweatshop was open for business again.

iTouch bags:
Step 1: Trace the phone on paper or go to the website and get the dimension.
Step 2: Grab some stash fabric, interfacing, a 8″ zip, some Steam a seam lite 2 and take a deep breath. Breath out. Ahhh.
Here’s the first attempt.

The flower line is where the real width of the bag should be.
Take 2:
The first nephew suggested an external pocket with Velcro. Then he suggested an internal pocket with velcro. I sewed did a quick road test (purple version) and decided to keep the current design but split the internal bag into 2 sections and skip the velcro. The smaller section would be for the cords and the larger section for the iTouch.
The purple bag had two internal pockets that I’ve unpicked because I don’t know the size of the  iTouch covers so instead of guessing, each bag has wiggle room.

The belt hook idea was from the littlest nephew’s and the small light was something I thought they might like. So the littlest nephew will get the soccer print, and the littlest niece will get the cupcake print. Both have a light on their hook and a small box of Jelly Bellys.

The pink and beige coin purses below are made by Goosegreen.

You can see how tiny and well made her coin purses are.

Here’s a link to a tute by Flossie Teacakes that Sew hopeful found while stash busting. You’ll get a much nicer zipper finish than I’ve made.

There’s a dress in the pipeline that I’m eager to finish for Christmas.


  1. You're a wonderful aunt, having the patience to make all these. I had the same idea to make a whole heap of these, but gave up after three because they are so fiddly. I'd much rather be sewing a dress!


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