She loves them

Here are SIL’s final knit dress collection. The main change I made to this pattern after the first fitting was to bring the front of the sleeve closer to the chest. This made SIL’s bust look smaller. It did make a difference when she had the final fitting with the chevron dress.

Below is the darker all-over print that I picked up at Spotlight recently.

Each dress uses an all-over print knit in dark colours but the fit is spot on as is the length. The hems and necklines are have a cover pro finish. The rest was sewn with a straight stitch. Seams great has been used ot reinforce the shoulder seams.

The beige/black print knit is the fabric I saw, and bought and once I got it home I kept thinking ‘This would really suit SIL’. This was a year before I decided to sew for the family to keep my sewing interest going.

Her adjustments are roll shoulder adjustment, slimming back upper bodice and style needs to have v-neckline and gentle pleats or gathers at the waist. Next year I’ll make her coat, as promised and tested.

The best part was when she said, “It’s so nice to be able to wear a dress that fits the first time you wear it.” If that isn’t motivation to keep sewing, I don’t know what is. I hope to see a couple of holiday snaps of her wearing these.

For now, it’s onto making some itouch bags for the littlest ones.


  1. Love love love the dresses – great fabric too. Your SIL is very lucky. I am sure she looks great in them. I will need to have a chat to you about that bust reducing move of the sleeves. I need all the help I can use in that area. And who knew moving the sleeve helps.

    Great job.


  2. Thanks Mushy and Beajay.
    Beajay, next time we meet, I'll show you how simple it was to bring in the sleeve. I did this with the fabric rather than on paper. I'm a bit of a fabric hacker at heart:)


  3. Those dresses are all look very smart and elegant, and that was a nice compliment to your fitting skills! I think you are superhumanly generous to make your family all these lovely outfits!


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