Peony or hibiscus

When we last spoke, I had tested this dress in the lining fabric. Then the lining was going to be used to line the first test dress of Spring. So do you think this Peony suggests “take me to Hawaii” or not? It’s the hibiscus print right?

I hope it does because I keep dropping hints. If I wear this Peony on weekends, do you think DH will buckle?

The fit is much better. I only had a really short piece of fabric to play with so the front print doesn’t match the back. Thankfully the lining is slightly thicker than the fashion fabric:)

I’ve moved the skirt dart in towards the centre front by 7cm and the side pocket will be raised to the side notch so that it suits my arm length. While the neckline looks high, I did drop it by 5 cm.

The bodice back billows a bit but that will work on hot and sticky summer days!

Now I’ll make the black/white eyelet fabric and the white lining again.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Beautiful dress – and it does scream both Spring and Hawaii. I say take it to the next level and start wearing a lei around your neck – strike while the Aussie dollar is hot.


  2. What a gorgeous fabric – good luck with the holiday! I'm off to Sydney this weekend that's about as good as it gets at the moment.
    You got a lovely fit and I like the skirt.


  3. So nicely fitted – good luck with your plans;) – I suppose if the worse happens perhaps a train trip to the Blue Mountains ( the hibiscus are bluely purple aren`t they ?)


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