Galaxy dress – Vogue 8280

It’s taken me a while to get to this pattern but it’s always been in the back of my mind to do. . This is one of the set of formal dresses I’ve been working on. Thank you for your comments about this dress.
Again the fabrics are remnants from Pitt Trading. That $20 garbage bag of remnants was huge and the fabrics were more formal fabrics so they have been excellent for these dress patterns.
Below is my pattern pose. OMG.

I’ve used two dark teal wovens. The top of the dress is a crushed looking teal with a shininess to it. The skirt is another dark teal but kinda suiting like. The lining is not true lining, but it’s a dark colour and it’s very soft. The hem is now above the knees and I will wear the dress to the wedding but with a huge smile and less Victoria Beckham (ha).

I’ve made this in size 12 and it sits really well. The front flange pieces were hand stitched to the bodice so it sits well. Apart from that, this is a great style and I’d love to make this again.

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