Cynthia Rowley 1 – Simplicity 2406

Thank you for all your lovely words about Mum’s wardrobe. She’s been wonderful to me and my family and while these styles aren’t exciting fashion, this is what works for her and I know her grandkids will be proud to have her looking special at their weddings. That’s enough tears from me
It was worth trying this dress style with Pitt Trading remnant fabrics I still have, while I couldn’t work on Mum’s outfits last month.

I’ve made View B without the centre back split. This pattern needs lots of ironing and clipping when making up the sleeves. This style is basically a sack dress with interesting sleeves. Correction: What I mean is there’s no waist, bust or hip shaping required. That’s got to be a bonus for lots of fast and furious sewers.

I’ve used more of the Pitt Trading $20 remnants garbage bag for this dress so I didn’t feel precious about making this version up. I also used an animal print remnant for the belt as an option. The gathers at the neckline aren’t as obvious as the picture on the envelope but there are gathers.

 Yes. It’s winter and I’m very pale. I really do need to iron this dress again. If it wasn’t so cold, I would have worn this to the hens night on the weekend. Yes, my middle name is chicken. I have another Cynthia Rowley (2497) in the pipeline and it’s also very forgiving like this style.

Below is the 1970’s Batman tv series angle. Oh to be Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon never realised Batgirl was his daughter but Alfred knew.

Lately, a couple of local fabric retailers kept giving me extra fabric for free.
The owner who normally takes no prisoners at MyHung Parramatta gave me an extra 1.5m of knit fabric for Mum’s knit tops just to get rid of the roll end. I was short (don’t laugh) by 60cm for sleeves for Mum’s second knit top so I asked for 1.5m (for a 3rd top) and there was .5 left on the roll piece with my original piece. There was a separate 1.5m piece rolled on the roll so I ended up with 2m for free.
Then, I managed to get to Pitt Trading and Sylvia threw in a remnant piece as well as the roll end (1m) and an end of roll piece for me as well. Fabric stash busting won’t happen this year.


  1. Ooh hot stuff. Ya that would've been good for hen's party ey? Good job on getting the roll end freebies, bonus bonanza! I giggled on the Batman comment. Haven't seen much of the original series but I loved the cartoon that came after-I think that's where my fondness for Art Deco originates XD


  2. This is really cute. I love the animal print belt with it, too. I love it when you get garments out of remnants. I can see one of these in my future; I even have a cute print I could make it in.


  3. GV: This is an easy dress to make work for any figure.
    TPN: I still love retro too.
    C: I thought that using animal print for the belt would be more subtle than using it for a whole dress.


  4. I made that dress too, albeit the view where the sleeves are regular raglan sleeves and not cold shoulder sleeves because I wanted to be able to wear it to work. I always get tons of nice comments when I wear it–the best was the dentist's receptionist grabbing the knot of the fabric belt and declaring “I want my waist back!”


  5. That is such a trendy dress and the fabric is such a beautiful colour and has a lovely sheen – sounds like a good score there.
    It is really nice when you score free material – I take it as a good sign they like you.


  6. Not what I classify as a sack dress either, particularly the way you have styled it. Though, looks a little on the chilly side for your cold Sydney weather at the moment!!!


  7. Thank you all for your kind comments. This is a style that doesn't take too much thinking effort.
    K: I like the response you got from the dentist receptionist and I will try this dress without the cutouts sleeves for work.


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