Best Pattern contest collection

When the Best Pattern Contest was announced 5 weeks ago, I thought it might be ‘fun’ *roll eyes* to see if I had enought of these patterns to pull together a collection. I had cut out the jalie jeans but got distracted with other sewing projects ie my 1960’s entry in the Pitt Trading’s $1/m bin challenge, finalising the responses on the PR Vintage contest and then participating in the RTW contest. Both were lots of fun.So you saw the flurry of sewing in the last week of this contest.
Now the contest voting has commenced and each PR member has 5 votes.
If you think any of my collection meets the contest criteria, your click of confidence ie vote, will make me smile (better).

Jalie jeans
Jalie scarf collar knit
Simplicity wrap
Kwik Sew Cowl neck knit

And I promise that’s it when it comes to entering contests this year. My work load is starting to increase and that won’t stop until 1 Nov so I’ll be working on a few ‘slow sewing’ projects but still learning new techniques.


  1. A great collection! I have quite a few of these patterns too and make them regularly! I am sure you will get lots of 'clicks of confidence' so keep smiling!


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