MMM12 final day

Hi all. This is my last Made-me-May 2012 post!!!! You’ll find 184 of us with our daily Made-me collections.

Thank you to Zo in German, Greek and English, for organising this challenge.
Claudine was the Friday photo challenge facilitator and Gillian came up with the last day ‘thank you’ pic idea.
Sharon’s been very motivating, as she always is. Meeting Michelle and Janelle in person was wonderful. Gabrielle is another local that I’ve met virtually and hopefully will meet one day.

Top: Kwik Sew 2694 View A
Skirt: McCalls 8972.

Seeing others across the globe, with their made-me outfits has been like taking a virtual sewing holiday. There are definitely more places I want to visit – countries I haven’t been to yet and places I’ve already been to.

Following sewers on this challenge and seeing their styles and skills has been the highlight. Seeing their point of view on a similar day/item is what I’ll remember and go back to when I need a ‘new’ perspective on a tried and true pattern or idea. I’m definitely going to follow a lot more people now.

Today’s also the last day of managing the Natural Fibres Contest on PR. At the moment there are 59 participants and 45 entries so that’s a good outcome.


The gloves have done my head in and after seeing that very few people have made gloves on PR, I’m rethinking this project. So the gloves are on hold. I may need to hand sew them.

MMM12 Day 27:

We had just finished brekkie out and I bought the Sunday papers and brioche for lunch with a cuppa. It was a bit chilly again.

Jacket: Minoru jacket.
Top: Butterick 5562 toile.
Jeans: Vogue jeans 8774. These woven jeans are a good fit. There’s no spandex in this pair.

MMM12 Day 28 (middle me):
Tops: Made-me underlayer merino knit top; Upper top Kwiksew 3740
Jacket: Toile jacket that I haven’t blogged before. McCalls 8971.
Skirt: Anne Taylor skirt that’s been sized down a couple of notches.
I was supposed to have a meeting with a senior manager and it was postponed.

MMM12 Day 29 (left me):
Top: Jalie scarf top 2921
Jacket: Lincraft 1082 that I made in 2009
Skirt: Check skirt you saw on day 4 
The meeting went ahead and my project got approved. Yay.

MMM12 Day 30 (right me):
Top: Butterick 5526 toile
I do have a made me jacket today but it’s not in view so it doesn’t count. I’m pooped so that’s why I’ve got no real colour on today.

iPad cover workshop

Today I spent 2 hours at a Powerhouse Museum Craft Punk workshop dealing with leather and felt. More classes are on Sunday. Thank you Deborah for the invitation and thank you Sylvia Guerra, our leather tutor. Sylvia teaches on Saturdays at Birdsalls Leather and Crafts and is definitely a leather expert and she mentioned leather bag making. Mmm. Something to consider another time. She’s also a Leatherworkers Guild member.

Below are the raw leather and felt materials. We were give a sample of leather to experiement with. That’s when I hit my thumb with a mallet. That only happened once.

The leather markings were my design and rather than stamp my name on it, I did some borders. I chose a green dye with an antique finish. The green below is the base colour.

The leather below is the green with the antique glaze. 
Brett Wieberg from Tandy Leather Factory was a participant and helped me with the tag. 

MMM12 Day 26:
Top: Jalie Criss-cross top toile.
Jeans: Jalie jeans 2908 in the nothing colour.
Jacket: Vogue Sandra Betzina 7610 in a stretch woven corduroy from Knitwit a long time ago. You’ll see the toile and two versions that I blogged a 3 years ago.

An evolving jacket

This is a jacket McCalls 5714 I made last year but I felt it did need to be toned down a bit so I could wear it more often this winter.

I cut off the sleeve flounces; added straighter sleeves; added a button and piped the new pockets. The idea had merit, the outcome didn’t.

So I changed the pockets one more time. This is a plain square that I’ve eased in at the base so the pockets have similar gathers to the yoke.

The pockets are there but I think they’ve blended in better. Below is how I wore it yesterday when we went out for quick bit to eat in the cold wet weather. I love my waterproof boots bought in Portland last year. BTW the bike print on the crash test dummy is a sample I’m thinking of purchasing from Addicted to Fabric for something.

MMM12 Day 24

Cardi: Knitwit printed fabric with grey piping and snaps in M5978
Top: Grey knot top
Skirt: Grey woollen suiting straight skirt using McCalls 9356. This was the last piece of fabric from my aunt. The matching jacket is double breasted and needs adjusting.
MMM’12 May 25
Jacket: Linen brown jacket. The real matching jacket is long enough to be a coat and definitely needs adjusting.
Top: Here’s on of the new top Kwik sew 3740.
Skirt: This is a straight skirt made from a Home Yardage fabric woollen that’s still as stiff as the day I bought it. I’ve used McCalls 9356 as the sloper.
Location: Parramatta River. I wouldn’t fish here like the people in the background.
Every morning I find something that needs adjusting so in between the planned projects, these jackets will be unpicked (ugh) and adjusted. I’ve managed to keep up with the skirts that need adjusting. I’m getting quicker at ripping out the back zip and putting it back in again.

Sandwich bolero

MMM12 Day 21: This simple bolero style takes less than an hour to cut and make up. In the office it gets cold in the afternoons so I need something to keep the cold off my shoulders.

The fabric was a remnant from Adelaide in January and I didn’t want to waste it so it’s now another layer for the colder months ahead.The sandwich reference is because you fold the fabric into quarters and then cut the arm shape. Sewing steps are to then sew up the sleeve seams, then finish off the neckline and sleeve hem, if it’s necessary.

Topper: Sew Stylish bolero Spring 2007 I’ve since made the sleeves skinnier but kept the sleeve length.
Top: Kwik sew 2694 View A. Here’s a black version and a bunch of other versions.
Skirt: McCalls 8972. Here’s another red slub version or a denim version.

MMM12 Day 22:

Jacket: Lincraft jacket. Lincraft (1082) zipper jacket made from a double knit and fully interfaced with textureweft to keep it’s shape. Previously seen on Day 14.
Skirt: Butterick 3597.  I’ve now taken out 5cm from the centre back seam so it’s more straight skirt than a-line skirt.
MMM12 Day 23:
Jacket: You saw this jacket on Day 4.
Blouse: Vogue 8118 in silk.
Skirt: Vogue 8426 kick pleat skirt. I’ve taken 5cm out of the side seam but I now need to adjust the centre back hem.
June project list:
Computer bag McCalls 6410
Gloves Butterick 5695
Jacket for Mum Kwik Sew 3716
Update the fit of 2 jackets
1912 ladies spring mantle
I’ve already started on the glove toile so I’ll keep you updated on how these turn out.

Catch up

Would you believe I haven’t sewn for 2 days and you’re about to see why? Three days have flown by and the MMM12 challenge continues.

May 18 – Green photo challenge and Knitwit fabric showing.
Sharon and I caught up with Wendy Gager of at her Sydney fabric showing. Wendy’s team puts together interesting clothing samples made up of their knit fabrics so even if you don’t buy, you’ll still get to see a different style point of view and another way of using the same pattern again. Kinda like the one pattern many looks contest that starts on PR from 1 June.
Dress: Vogue 8379 This was my first green piece for 2011 and I’ve been building green into my wardrobe ever since. 
Wendy is wearing garments made from the Winter collection.
Sharon’s MMM clothes are: top – Vogue 8572; skirt – McCall’s 7244.

MMM12 Day 19 at Pitt Trading, San Souci
We aimed to have 5 MMM12 together in one shot and we managed 4 MMM12ers. Not bad.
We all met at Pitt Trading at high noon and earlier in the day, Sharon and Michelle (MyOwnInspiration) met there first and then ducked across to The Remnant Warehouse (TRW). Janelle (sewhopefull) headed over to TRW after our photo shoot. And we all bought fabric.

While we all sew and blog, it was easy to strike up a conversation and find we had really similar sewing experiences. We got spotted by a customer who has read our reviews on PR so all we really needed was a coffee table and we could have chatted together for the rest of the afternoon.

Three of us wore our trusty Jalie jeans (Michelle of myowninspiration, Sharon and I) and we all checked out each other’s Minoru jacket before we left for the afternoon.
Janelle’s Lilly Chin Lace crotchet dress is even more stunning in real life. Thanks for taking the pic Alison and thank you Pitt Trading for giving us permission too. You looked after us so well.
Jacket: Sewaholic Minoru jacket I had a comment that my Minoru jacket colour drains me so I’ve teamed this with a warm pink tee. There is another Minoru in the pipeline…
Jeans: Jalie 2908. I wore these two weeks ago.

May 19 30th Birthday dinner
Today I’m recovering from last night’s birthday dinner. We had a blast as did the restuarant patrons.
Dress: Simplicity 6870 1966 vintage green apple dress. I finally got to wear it and in a sea of black I was easy to spot.

Day 20 – Morning training ride
Here’s why my nickname is Velosewer. I’m surrounded by a folding bike, a road bike, a mountain bike and a folded bike stand. This MMM bright blue and pink fleece vest is an early attempt at making cycling gear. It was cold this morning so underneath this fleece vest are two layers. While the vest is long and shapeless, it’s so good on a cold winter morning. I might blog the vest for you. I’m wearing fingerless gloves so it’s not that cold yet.

Day 20 shopping
When we were riding I got a flat tyre so I changed it but had to take the bike to the shop because I had a fall last week and I thought it might be worthwhile getting the brakes adjusted. While the bike was being adjusted I walked down the road for a quick look at the shops, but didn’t buy anything. It was more to have a gander and what styles are selling and the colours that are available.
Top: Kwik Sew 3378. I’ve also made this in a green orchid print, a green and a grey version.
Topper: A quick topper from Sew Stylish. This took a couple of hours to make and I think I’ll make another one soon. 
Jeans: Jalie 2908. Question. Has anyone made this style in a straight leg version yet? I’m seriously thinking about it.

Best Pattern contest collection

When the Best Pattern Contest was announced 5 weeks ago, I thought it might be ‘fun’ *roll eyes* to see if I had enought of these patterns to pull together a collection. I had cut out the jalie jeans but got distracted with other sewing projects ie my 1960’s entry in the Pitt Trading’s $1/m bin challenge, finalising the responses on the PR Vintage contest and then participating in the RTW contest. Both were lots of fun.So you saw the flurry of sewing in the last week of this contest.
Now the contest voting has commenced and each PR member has 5 votes.
If you think any of my collection meets the contest criteria, your click of confidence ie vote, will make me smile (better).

Jalie jeans
Jalie scarf collar knit
Simplicity wrap
Kwik Sew Cowl neck knit

And I promise that’s it when it comes to entering contests this year. My work load is starting to increase and that won’t stop until 1 Nov so I’ll be working on a few ‘slow sewing’ projects but still learning new techniques.