Minoru jacket progress

Here’s a shot of my Minoru jacket trail. The raglan sleeve is too high for this jacket and the pic below shows the after effect with 2 inches added across the jacket and sleeve.

The fabric lines show how the patterns sit. The sleeve is pulling to the front. The split sleeve pattern shows you why. The sleeve is not wide enough to sit flat.
The other issue I realised is the sleeve is gathered to a cuff piece and in reality the cuff gathers mean if the sleeve isn’t sitting quiet right, the gathers are the cuff will negate any drag lines. Tasia (Sewaholic) recommended moving the cuff sleeve gathers to the back of the sleeve to alleviate the sleeve line.


  1. Hi M
    Looks/feels much better at shoulders with the two inches added, eh?. Further to the so-helpful Nicole's suggestions, I also added an inch to the collar center which further relaxed the yoke to a more comfortable fit.

    Curious to know more about your plans re cuff/sleeve fix…

    PS…love the “have sewing machine, will travel” mode


  2. Just discovered you site – love what you are doing with the Minoru Jacket. It certainly is a great jacket – the sewalong is brilliant. Off to have a peek around your blog…


  3. Hmmm, sounds like a very interesting and informative learning session, although I couldn't really tell what you meant about the problems with the raglan from the pictures… are the sleeve tops too narrow?
    I'm sure the care you are taking with fitting this pattern correctly will pay off and give you a beautiful garment


  4. Carolyn gave me this link and wow, what timing. I have a muslin for this jacket partially sewn together and it does NOT fit. I set it aside thinking I needed to go up a size through the bust but perhaps it is as you describe here.

    Thank you-I'm going to look around your lovely blog here before bed 🙂


  5. Hi Anne.
    The jacket is a better fit with the extra 2 inches. I did the same with the collar – added 2 inches on the fold.
    Sharon, I split the sleeve from the elbow to the wrist to see what effect it would have on the sleeve line.
    Mary, if you have the patience, try the adjustments on a test version. It's a 'no tears' formula.


  6. I really like the looks of this jacket pattern. Sounds like you are doing a good job with figuring out the fit adjustments. I am anxious to see your finished version.


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