Work alterations

Last week I took out my summer clothes and they all needed altering. Isn’t that always the way. So this was the perfect weekend to decide on whether I should invest my time on altering or giving my clothes to charity. What I had to decide was: Is this style still suitable for work? Does this style still work on me? Is this one of my colours? I originally made this dress in December 2009.

This dress needed the sleeves to be brought closer onto my shoulder by 2.5cm. I also brought in the side seams by 2cm on each side. The great thing was this dress isn’t lined and the seams are overlocked. I had already taken off the trim that I had originally put on this dress two years ago. Overall, I invested about 2 hours on this alteration.


  1. do our clothes morph and change themselves when packed away for a season? I find that my clothes often need alterng after getting them out again in places where I haven't changed like the necklines or shoulders too – perhaps they weren't that great to begin with and we just put up with the fit because we were happy to have finished them??

    I think this dress was worth the further work, it's a lovely shade of blue on you with your dark hair and that style is so timeless it will always be appropriate.


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