UFO pink – nl 6057 and m5556

Congratulations Cadel Evans. As he said he’s been cycling for 20 years and he’s finally got the yellow jersey at the Tour de France.

There are some really traditional influences I’ve seen with tunics. That’s why I bought this pattern a while ago. I love the detailing so I attempted make this for to a short person – me.

I began this top earlier this year at a sewing workshop with Angie Zimmerman. The red silk blouse worked well and at the workshop I cut this tunic out and I’ve just finished it. The buttons have a sparkle to them to match my ballet flats.
Below is the buttonhole detailing that I attempted with the varigated pink thread I also used it on the front tab stitching but it ended up looking like white thread. I bought the thead from St Vinnies near work. I used the matt side of the fabric for the neckline and collar pieces.
I also managed to use the fastturner tool to pull through the button loop closure strips. I used the varigated pink thread on this too and again, it wasn’t worth the effort – this time. I will try this thread again in future. What you’ll notice is this is view B but there’s no hem detailing. The fabric is a stretch woven and I cut the size 10. When I make this again, I’ll still use the 10 but I’ll add an invisible zip to the side seam and add a few darts so that the style is less relaxed. 
The pants are NL 6057 and I’ve made the 10 then I ran out of fabric. The front hem has an additional piece added, but not to the back piece. That’s bad planning on my part. I used a woven satin for the inside waistband so the pants front needs some wear to sit properly.
I bought this pattern at the Simplicity warehouse (not factory). I love the dress and tunic top style on this pattern and I bought this pattern for $5. I’ll make the front tummy bit a bit bigger when I make these pants in a woven on my next attempt. 
I recently downloaded Clinton Kelly’s Rx style guide and it’s a fun styling app. Yes it’s not extensive, but I love the style prompts he offers.
Next in the pipeline is B5087 in two different red winter fabrics.


  1. Hi I love your satin outfit! I am trying to make the skirt from New Look 6057 and I am stuck. I am a beginner sewer I should add. The yoke on the skirt is sewn on exactly as for the pants but when I pin the yoke on the top of the skirt the yoke is about 2″ too short each side. I rechecked that I cut out the correct pieces and I did so I can't figure out how to sew on a yoke that is smaller than the piece you are sewing it onto. I hope you can shed some light on this and help me out. Thanks!!


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