Fierce scissors

Taking a pair of scissors to a RTW garment is not something I used to do, but am really happy to do now. I’m taken in by the more affordable garments and when I don’t have the time to fit everything into my ‘sew from scratch’ ideas.
Zipper dress:I loved this style and it turns out that it’s made from either a double knit or a ponte. I love the zippers and the dress was $25 to buy from Chico’s. The skirt flared out more than I wanted so I took out 5cm from the hem width. Then the back waist was big, so I added another back dart to skim the dress in a touch. So now there are two back darts on the back waist. Lastly, I took up the hem.


Below is this dress with a cardi I made earlier. I try not to wear all black in the office because there’s enough activity at the office so I try to stay colourful with my clothes. Otherwise, work just gets too serious. Outside of work, I think I’ll go for the rock-chick look and wear this with a suede leather jacket and ditch the neat office accessories. 


  1. What a cute dress. It has a great shape to it.
    I really haven't tried my hand at altering many things other than the waistband's in boys' pants. I'd rather sew pants from scratch…


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