Baklava fingers and wheel

This Easter I decided to make a couple of shapes with the basic baklava recipe.

The first version was to make Baklava fingers. Below is the result of rolling the fillo pastry with the nut mixture. I’ve cut the pastry into quarters along the length and then rolled the pastry, tucking in the sides after the second roll turn.

The nut mixture consists of almonds, walnuts, sugar and ground cinnamon. I’ve used unsalted butter to seal the pastry although you don’t need to seal the pastry when you pack it tightly into the tin. You will however need unsalted butter to coat the top of the pastry.

The syrup is a water, sugar and lemon juice mixture that I prepared the day before. The trick with baklava is to add cold syrup to hot cooked pastry. Alternatively, add hot syrup to cold cooked pastry.
The snail version below was done by placing the nut mixture along lengthways on the fillo pastry. Then you use the round cake tin to shape the snail. Everything step is then the same.

I did baste both versions with syrup and then drained out the excess.
They remained finger lick’n good.

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