Sunburn Sunday

I’m glad I didn’t finish this dress until today because my skin would have been red raw today. Yesterday the average temp at Dolls Point was at least 33C and humid. I did have some sunblock on and I stayed in the shade but there was enough glare that I did get some unwanted colour. Thankfully it wasn’t much and my skin will heal up today.

So there are still some green fabric pieces in my stash but this cotton piece was from the ‘great Melbourne fabric shopping trip’ of 2009. Again I’ve used M2241 but I’ve extended the facing to add body to the bodice. Here’s a version I made earlier.


Since I’ve been give the great honour of brushing DN’s hair, I decided to plaited the shoulder straps by cutting out six straps instead of two shoulder straps.
I think this piece was bought at Rathdowne Fabrics (Aust Project Runway). I have to figure out a solution to support the bodice better but in reality I’ll usually wear with this swimmers.


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