one shoulder – NL 6912

The key to a great dress form is sometimes in the support that you build into it. This dress doesn’t mention support but I think that I should keep defying gravity where possible especially if I want to wear the one shoulder version view C.
Initially I thought that lining the top pieces would work but then I wondered how easily would it be to buy a bra that suited this dress.
I’m currently hand sewing the bust insert pieces into the top lining, before I machine stitch them into place. My concern is about keeping the top fit as is while building in support but at 2am last night I couldn’t sleep because I kept wondering ‘what if’.
Years ago I made a wedding dress for a very slim colleague who needed the bust built in. We tried a few bust pieces but the best shape were shoulder pads. True. It worked really well and she was proud of her new shape.
More soon.

Dress or top

This week I was tossing up which version to make up from Kwik Sew 3658. The top or the dress.

Initially I made this up as a dress for Christmas eve dinner. Our weather today is mild but overcast and my planning is to have a couple of knit outfits available.
This dress uses a large knit print Pitt Trading in September at $2/m. The fabric has a dry knit feel to it, so it should wash/wear well. The other aspect of this print was it’s on a black background, which I liked. The print colours are bold enough and the only way I could keep the pieces continuous was to have the print aligned rather than match up, if you know what I mean.

This next version was the Christmas day version but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out where to measure from to get the hem right. The reason for this is the collar is all part of the bodice and it is self faced. At the hem I’ve added continuous piece but this hasn’t worked out. This version was also earmarked to be without sleeves but there was too much fabric in the front shoulder seam so I’ve added the short sleeve.


The red/grey fabric is from the winter Knitwit direct collection and I’ve still got plenty left for different styled knit dress for weekend BBQs. When I wore this version with my bare legs I realised it was a bad look, so I think this will need some work outfit for autumn. I’ll have to do a bit more planning with the next version made from this print.

This last top was made (cut and sewn) in an hour on Christmas eve morning before I left for work. What motivated me was that my key task at work was to clean so it was ‘down tools, gloves on and cleaning products in hand’.
The fabric is from The Fabric Store $8/m from a sale last year. I’ve used this fabric for a dress and then realised that it’s works best for tops.
Merry Christmas to you all, happy sewing and enjoy the festivities over the holidays.

Christmas summer wardrobe

Our Christmas days can be swelteringly hot or cool, but it’s always a eating fest with lots of running around with kids. I figure this is their holiday to just have fun, so that means running around and this year there’s a pool involved (yah).
Most of my knit dresses are work dresses so they are so not festive or bright. At the Remnant Warehouse I picked up a bright coral printed knit and decided to be bold.

The dress is lined with tricot knit and I’ve used a sleeveless pattern Kwik Sew 2683 as the basis.

The fabric was less than $10/m so if I end up taking my shoes off on the day and end up running around with the kids, I can do so without any worries how my dress with perform.

There’s another knit piece in my stash that would be another worthy knit dress so I’ll see how time goes this week. Maybe I can squeeze it in for Christmas eve? So my two unfinished pieces are done.
25 Dec: This dress really worked well on the day.

UFO shirt – McCalls 5433

Sharon’s rust shirtmaker dress made a strong impression on me because she always does excellent finishing and she’s got a great eye for detail. Her dress is really well made and fits her perfectly. Anyway, she inspired me to pay more attention to my sewing so at the last Rhodes Guild session I cut out a shirt length style with the aim to lift my game. I got to the point of adding the collar and put it aside do to Mum’s sewing.

This weekend I made time to work on it a bit at a time, and not rush into it. DH was helpful in deciding what buttons to add to the shirt. First time! Anyway, I wanted a cap sleeve, so I took the sleeve from B5328.
Here’s how my shirt turned out. I do like the fabric contrasts. The skirt was made earlier this year and it’s become a work staple.
The front and back pieces are lined because of the embroidered cut out bits in the fabric. The lining is a lightweight poplin. I’ve used this for the front and back pieces, collar band and button front.

The back needs more adjusting and the black buttons were from a Lincraft sales years ago. 

This shows the french seams, bias sleeve finish and the lining effect on the inside.

Mum’s final skirt

Christmas is just looming around the corner and I’m trying to do one thing at a time, or else I’ll drop the ball on something. I owed my muse a final black skirt to go with her new wardrobe for Christmas.

She will now have three skirts and two tops and I bought a couple of brighter tops to add to the mix for her. So Mum’s present is complete.

I still have a cardi and jacket idea up my sleeve but these have to wait until the New Year.

Christmas prep-week

On Sunday night I was pooped. I think I had done my Christmas shopping for the year and now I’ve got the cards (snail mail) to do. That means, sewing has been a stop/start event. Sort of.

On Saturday I did get to the Remnant Warehouse where Santa was making sure fabric bolts were ready so we could buy fabric at 25% off. Oh the pain of trying not to buy.

On my immediate sewing list is a black skirt for mum on my table and a festive dress for me, that will help me deal with the humidity/heat of Christmas being trimmed.

On the radio a nutritionist was talking about eating is a Christmas pastime so her advice was to eat fresh pawpaw, pineapple and kiwifruit to help with digestion. So her advice was to eat more when you eat more. Just kidding, although eating fruit with enzymes was her key suggestion.

I’ll have some sewing pics on here shortly.

Last night we had a great time at the U2 concert and I even went early to check out JayZ. Who would have thought I’d get to see an act that my niece/nephew love as well!

Muse adjustments

So today I caught up and my muse and she kindly tried on the skirt. She loved it, but kept saying “it’s 3/4 length“, meaning, “it’s too short dear”. So tonight I unpicked the hem and trim, added another 3 1/2 inches, placed the trim over the additional piece of skirt and here’s how the set looks.

The seams create the look of a tailored skirt and it’s lined, but the waist is fully encased elastic. So then I recreated the skirt, but added a crotchet off-white trim, because her mum used to do really fine crotchet.  

The lace bow on the trim was a last minute idea. The bow is sewn onto the trim and only on one side. Well, it is a gift.