The pictures I owe you – v2980

Here’s how I tested out the neckline. Yes I wore it over another top so I could see where the neckline sat, so I would feel comfortable and not self conscious.

This is the finished top with a bit of sewing to keep the bolero piece sitting over the bra straps underneath. I will rejig this adjustment so that there’s no billowing fabric at the sleeve seamline.

Here’s how I wore it to the Rugby Union Club to watch Bledisloe #2.
The back view shows me that I need to add some room to stop the stretch lines. That and some upper body work would be a better solution.
Here’s how I wore Chanel #1 on Jeans for Genes days for work. The top underneath is Kwik Sew 3378 in a dark raspberry two-way stretch poly knit. The knit top and the jacket don’t crease and the top is an easy layer to wear.
By the time DH took this photo, I’d worked a full day, travelled for 2 hours to meet up with him in Canberra and we were ready to go to Dixon to our favourite Vietnamese place.

I can feel a cocktail dress in the air. My niece has her 21st bday party on Saturday night and I do have things to wear but this challenge is in my head and DH is away one night this week, so hopefully a design and fabric will surface in my stash tomorrow. Maybe. I need sleep.


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