Rashie – Kwik Sew 2881

I love water sports and the thought of sunbathing on a hammock for a week gives me the willies, so while DH and I are on hols, I intend to do some water sports that I don’t get to do at home.

The only rashie top I own is a tight number that I bought in Hawaii five years ago and it even says, Hawaii five O on it. The pink top above is my toile. The fabric is again from Pitt Trading when we did swimwear classes at PT with Roberta. The boardies are new, but I have plans to make some this week.

The key change I made was I added 4cm to the side panel on the second rashie around my hips.
I also got DH to try one on because this pattern is for men. He’ll need a XL version and he already has a few in his wardrobe so I’ll make one for him when he needs one. I have used the budgie smugglers in this pattern for DH and he loves them.

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