Vogue 8379 – $4 dress

This year my aim is to use my unused patterns. Last year I bought a few patterns because I felt I needed to update my style a bit. My height and weight dictates the type of styles I wear but I love colour. When I saw this wrap dress pattern, the diagram on the envelope hints that plain or small pattern fabric would suit the design.

Last year I visited The Fabric Store in Surry Hills and after spending time admiring the fabric, I bought a 2m jersey remnant for $4. Navy is one of my colours and the jersey stretch memory was really strong.

After assessing my true measurements (deep breath), I did my normal sway back adjustment, rolled shoulders, and increased the waist measurement (something I’m dealing with post Easter).

This pattern has a couple of pleats at the waistline that I left in to see how they helped the style line. After measuring the shoulder to waist measure, I elongated the bodice by adding 2 cm because the waistline seemed too high for me

The other thing I changed was the skirt fullness. Again, my height and developed calves means I avoid skirts that are full near the ground. I took 5cm out of the skirt fullness.
The pattern is designed for 2.3m of fabric and I only had 2m, so the front wrap we replaced with a normal skirt front. I didn’t add a zipper because of the strength of the spandex in the jersey. I also left out the sleeve cuff because I avoid drawing attention to my hips.

I also added interfacing on both pieces of the collar to keep the collar in place. Now I need to decide which knit dress I enter in the Knit comp on Pattern Review.


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