Fabric stash #6

I bought this fabric after a nine-day stay in Hawaii five years ago. It’s got two-way stretch and good memory. The fabric has some weight to it so now it’s a t-shirt dress with it’s own belt.

I don’t have a skirt pattern that I attach to the top pattern. What I do to extend the top pattern to a dress length is:
* measure my largest front width, and add that 10cm below the waist for the front extension. I usually make my skirts 22″long at the front.
* at the back I also measure my widest part and do the same, but make the length 23″long at the back, to cover my backside.

Yes, my sewing room is very active (messy) at the moment.


  1. I cut it out on Wednesday night, Last night I did the shoulder seams, neckline and sleeves before dinner. After I cleaned up, I sewed the side seams and readjusted the belt bit twice, so it was in the right position.I just had to get this out of my system because I’ve been dying to use this fabric for years.


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