McCalls 8777 – when a top grows up

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try {
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} catch(err) {} While waiting around for the pattern stash competition to start, I lost my cool and decided to make a couple of simple tops that I’ve made before.
The black and white print knit top is a piece of fabric that I bought at Pitt Trading a few weeks ago. For all of $5, I thought this would be an easy top to make a wear. It was slightly slippery and the neckline finish drove me nuts. It didn’t drive me to drink ’cause I’m still getting over the flu.
I used fold over elastic and the neckline looked like I was being strangled so out came the unpicker. Then I folded the fabric back once and zigzaged it. The neckline became too big – this is starting to sound like little red riding hood. Then I decided to use fold over elastic and the neckline was just about right. The neckline is still very round and I’ve tried to make it more v-neck, however, when I bend over, nothing shows so I’m happy and I’ll wear it.
The green fabric is a piece I bought at the latest Tessuti’s sale. The fabric has a bubbly surface and has good memory, so instead of making a hip length v-neckline top, I extended it over my rump and now it’s a dress. The main measure I used was to add more fabric so that it would pull or look embarrasing. It worked and this time the dress took 2 hours from cutting to the final neckline finish. I used seams great on both the shoulder seams and neckline for more stability. Now to wear the dress and keep an ear out for the wolf whistle…

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