Xerea and Pitt Trading

Paulinealice’s Xerea dress with Pitt Trading’s brocade fabric makes a great dinner dress.

You know how you get the Friday txt to say, ‘are you guys free for a birthday dinner tomorrow night?’ Well it’s rude to say no. 

The suggested venue was a French restaurant in the city so it was easy to choose the perfect dress to wear – this brocade Xerea (or 2.0).

Ok. So it wasn’t a formal occasion but it was a night out with friends so why not make a special effort?

It would have been very easy to simply use the ‘dark side’ of this brocade for the whole dress, but I decided to show off both sides of this lovely fabric.

I know I don’t need pockets on a such a gorgeous dress but they’re still there if I need them.

This dress has all the changes I made from the original dress and is lined. PS. I’ve worn the test dress – Xerea 1.0 – a few times now. I think it’s because it’s a great Spring style too.

Thanks Pitt Trading for indulging my current interest in brocade fabrics.

Xerea 1.0

This is a story about a simple dress, that’s simple to make and simple to wear – Xerea by Paulinealice patterns.

The pockets really make it.
Talk about busy days – so making Xerea with no zippers, buttons or closures was a lovely way to chill.

Pauline sent this pattern to me as a gift.

This isn’t a fitted style and this version is my test version using size 38. 
A-line dresses are a classic style and this has a 60s feel to it.
I did a roll shoulder adjustment and left the back as it. The dress length is as per the pattern.

The shoulder line is a bit short as these sleeves seem to ride to high on this version. It’s ok Pauline, I’ve adjusted this on my next dress.

I was very tempted to start overworking this dress to get a more definted waist but in the end I took in the the front seams in by 1cm for a better front fit.
This is my ‘not to be messed around’ look.

I’ve worn this version to work a couple of times now it’s really functional, comfortable and let’s me get on with the day while not feeling constrained. Love those pockets.

I bought this fabric recently from Pitt Trading to make a 60s costume and I still have plenty work with.

There’s a lined Xerea that I’ll show you next time.