Coating for winter

This cozy Winter jacket uses many remnants using McCalls 6292.

 I made this style in pleather three years ago. 

 Even the lining is from someone else’s stash that I bought at Pitt Trading.

 After visiting the War Memorial in Canberra recently I added the blue tape to the sleeve.

The zipper is one of the bunch of designer zippers I bought at Pitt Trading too. Yes I do frequent Pitt Trading on weekends. The nearby cafe is very tempting too.

I tend to steer away from short jacket, when they’re a bit boxy, but a contrasting sleeve can add length to the look of it. 

 Especially if styled with pants or skirts in the same colour as the sleeves.

The coating fabric really feels like Winter armor but is quite soft so I’m keeping this little jacket while it’s cold.

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Staying warm

It’s cold. My feet are cold, so this impromptu overlayer using Butterick 6062 came about.

This isn’t the way the pattern is drafted. 

I used View A as my basic block; adding a wide collar; used the full sleeve length; lengthening the jacket to cover me up but kept the big pockets.

The main fabric was a remnant I bought at Addicted 2 Fabric. The contrasting sleeves are also a wool remnant from my fabric stash. The day I bought this fabric, I was freezing in Canberra and I was really close to using this fabric as a blanket.

This coat is a warm layer and it’s not too unstructured. There are darts in the pattern and I’ve not use them.

 I had enough fabric to make the collar but not the under collar.

 So I used the sleeve fabric for the under collar.

We had a wee bit of fog yesterday morning, hence these photos, although I’m not feeling cold anymore.