This is a quick post to show you the final velvet dress I whipped up last week for a wedding we attended last Saturday.

I bought this piece with Allison when she visited Australia three years ago.

As Allison said, it’s a Stretch burnout velvet in a dark purple with an ombre effect.” 
We indulged a bit at Pitt Trading during her visit.

I used New Look 6871 lining the velvet with a slinky knit. The pattern has short sleeves so I extended them.

The back is shaped but the fabric doesn’t really show this well. 

I hand stitched the hem and the rest of this dress was machine stitched with a tiny zigzag stitch as the base is a knit fabric.

Let me tell you a secret. 

I made this dress in a scuba fabric in 2 hours and found the neckline was way too wide.
The next night I widened the neckline on the pattern so it’s more jewel like.

Yep. I’ve bossed this pattern to fit me.

PS. I wore these low-heeled shoes at the wedding and danced for 4 hours. My feet are still sore today – 2 days later. So after surgery in February I can wear low heel shoes for a couple of hours.


That project list…

In May I developed a projects list for June:

  • Computer bag McCalls 6410
  • Gloves Butterick 5695
  • Jacket for Mum Kwik Sew 3716
  • Update the fit of 2 winter work jackets
  • 1912 ladies spring mantle

To date I’ve finished the gloves before winter hit. You read how easily my attention was diverted and I made lined trousers and a matching pleather jacket for the gloves, pjs because of the cold but I did start the wedding clothes for Mum, although none of these were on the original list. Yes, June was last month :))

I now have 1 week to finish off Mum’s wedding ensembles (fingers crossed). Two new knit tops are done and I’ve cut out the matching skirt for the bronze jacket. I have another skirt and top combo to cut out. I’ll post these up when I finish them.

This was my 3 step approach at the end of June
Step 1 – Make Kwik Sew 3916 in the day fabric I had originally planned to use. That way, she has an everyday jacket that she can get used to wearing so the evening version is familiar to her to wear. (tick)
Step 2 – Make an easy skirt and top ensemble to keep me motivated. (tick)
Step 3 – Make the evening jacket. This should take less time and fit well. (tick)

Researching for Mum
As you’ve seen, I completed the jackets first and then I did a stack of pattern research on PR and bought enough top/skirt pattern options from Lincraft and Spotlight for Mum. I can now see the end of Mum’s project on the horizon. I also read the PR topics for petite plus and menopause because I thought that was the best way to figure out what the best patterns and pattern adjustments would suit Mum. I still haven’t read similar forums on Stitches guild because time is zooming by.

Easily led
Again, I’m being led (Renata, Sharon and Alison) to make a bag next month (PR 2-week challenge) so the computer bag may get made. I might update those 2 winter jackets for myself. I could fit in the 1912 ladies spring mantle for the wedding as a special piece – but these are just some thoughts.

My wedding outfit options
The other small issue I’m thinking about for this wedding is:
a) do I make a new dress for myself (I hope so but what do I pick),
b) do I make it formal length or cocktail length dress (I’d love a formal length number),
c) do I make a formal trench to get me through a winter wedding (yes but am I nuts for considering two time consuming pieces??)?
This will all become a treasured family memory once the wedding is over. Did I tell you we have another wedding next year?

Prioritising sewing doesn’t work
I have a new test dress up my sleeve made from Pitt Trading garbage bag remnants …