Green spring – B4789

It’s still cold here (7 degree C mornings) but I love working with green fabric so here’s the story about this dress. This fabric was a remnant piece that I bought from Pitt Trading last year at $2 per metre. I bought some more fabric from Pitt Trading last week but that’s a bunch of stories in the making. This fabric has two-way stretch and it has a huge print so I tried to keep the yellow colours away from my face.

The front has a knot just below the bust, and it’s easy to make up, but I got it wrong, even after reading the reviews on PR. However, I was able to save fabric and the error is tied up in the knot.

I’ve shown you the front and back so you can see where the print placement is on this dress. I love the v-neck on the front and back. The hem could come up, so I’ll do this on the next version. I’ve used seams great on the shoulder seams and twin needle on the neckline finish. The fabric is so dark you can’t see the black thread I’ve used throughout the dress.
I’m really loving green. This pattern also has pants but I can’t see myself making these up while I’m developing woven pants that fit.

I’ve since finished a pink UFO that I’ll post up soon. I’m just planning what I should make to go with it. Decision time:)

Navy wrap – Simplicity 2603

There was a piece of navy netting that had two-way stretch that I was thinking would work as a cardi wrap. I gone a bit navy to replenish my wardrobe staples.This month was also US Independence Day and today is Bastille Day too so maybe these holidays have influenced my choice.

I’m still getting used to not finishing a hems and seams. This is comfortable layer that I can wear in the office during the winter or when the air-con goes haywire. Our office tends to get cold near midday and the air vent is behind me so I do feel the temperature change throughout the day.

This is the long version and I’ve done no adjustments. I think I bought this fabric for $3 metre last year from the remnant warehouse in alexandria.