These two dresses have been favourites however they did need some rework. Unpicking is not a favourite task of any sewer but I needed to restyle these dresses because I still love the fabric but the fit was really really bad.


This black and white number did have sleeves and a mock from belt.  The problem was the size because overwhelming. The fabric is a heavy raw silk and it’s lined with cotton fabric. I had worn it to work for two summers and our summer is here and I still consider it a staple. I’ve pinned the original sleeves and mock belt to the dress so you can see the style. Without the sleeves and belt, it looks more streamlined.

Bulky before
Less bulk

This blue print sun-dress was also a favourite with it’s long hem so I could wear flat sandals with it. Again it’s too heavy looking ie too long and too wide. I keep forgetting I’m short. But I love the shirt style and fabric print. My parents come from a cherry growing area so any cherry print is special to me.

I unpicked the skirt from the top but I left the front pleats and front button tab attached to the blouse. The front still had three pleats at the front, which I’m reconsidering. Do I leave them in or take them out? I’ve also cut 5″ off the hem so that it’s about knee length. So these are still dresses, just better balanced for my frame.