Successful dressmaking

This year I started working with vintage patterns. So why not buy a old sewing book and see if we’re doing anything different than previous sewers?
This book doesn’t have an ISSN number but is registered with the Adelaide Post Office and there’s no date. I bought this on ebay in May and it comes up from time to time so I’m guessing it was a high school text book. The school I went to was a home economics girls school so it’s no wonder I’ve stayed with sewing. Most of the girls in my year pursued other things 🙂
If you don’t want to spend a lot on patterns, this book goes through the basics to make your own pattern blocks.

Fit was and still is an issue for dressmakers.

The photos are classic black and whites but they are do explain dressmaking techniques well.

At the moment I’m working on piping and this book has got that covered.

Recyling and mending was also something dressmakers did.

Recycling is now a trend as well for eco-friendly sewers.
Coletterie also reviewed a classic like this, and this prompted me to review this book, before it slipped my mind 🙂