Mahalo Shannon

DH wanted to break the trip from NY to Sydney up so we stopped in Hawaii for 6 days. That meant I could meet up with Shannon of Mushywear. 

Ricky at Kaimuku Dry Goods took this photo for us.

Finally. After so many blog posts and comments between us we got to meet. As well as purchasing Shannon’s bags on etsy as Christmas presents for the family a couple of years ago.

Shannon picked me up at the hotel and we grabbed a quick breakfast – Cinnabons – and then started on our fabric shopping journey around Waikiki. Kaimuki Dry Goods has a lot of lovely prints, evening fabrics and notions. The ladies at Kaimuki enjoyed chatting with us and hearing our stories.

A few pieces from Kaimuki Dry Goods to take home.

This was only the second time in eight years of living in Maui that Shannon had ventured to Oahu. The first time was to meet up with Kyle in April. Kyle sent us a link to a small quilt fabric place Calico Cat a few blocks from Kaimuki Dry Goods that we did visit and I bought some large quilt clips for sewing leather.

A bit of carry on luggage.
Fabric Mart was the third store we visited and it is huge with 2 floors of inexpensive fabric.
I had a hard time choosing so I bought a white Hawaiian print on white fabric for a future classic white shirt with a twist. Shannon’s stripe knit purchase was a good one. And she’s already started working on her Kaimuki haul with one of her Style Arc patterns.

After lunch we ventured up Diamond Head. Kyle had done this walk on her visit to Waikiki too.
Hawaii turned on the wonderful weather with clear blue skies by the time we reached the peak.

We chatted so much going up and down the peak, we didn’t really get very puffed.

Shannon has been a sewer I’ve followed for a long time and I was really honoured she rock hopped over to spend the day fabric shopping together in Waikiki. This is Shannon’s post about our day. What a memorable day. Thank you Shannon.

On a whim and with lots of fabric ideas dancing in my head, I did a Google search that night and found another fabric store in Waikiki via Yelp.

So the next day I hopped on the bus and found This was a smaller store but they have a great website and are interested in international sales as well as local sales. David gave me a Yelp discount.

Some of his fabrics.
David’s honest enough to say he’s not a sewer but he does make sure his customers are happy with their purchases. I was happy:) His prices are similar to Fabric Mart.
These are the fabrics and classic Hawaiian patterns I bought. The darker prints were David’s fabric gift to me.

Next to our hotel was an alterations place and she also sold a little bit of fabric. I had spied this small shop earlier in the week and looked at what she had. On my last day in Waikiki I went in to pick a piece and the owner remembered me from my earlier visit so she was very happy to make this sale. 4 yards at $10.

Total Hawaii fabric weight – 11 pounds. Most of these purchases were hand luggage.
Total US fabric haul weight – 31 pounds. A true sign of a fabricaholic aka sewing geek.

The day after we arrived home, I had high tea with the Sydney Sewers.

We’re back home. It’s winter here now. I’m sewing again. So it’s still all about the fabric. But I’m so glad (and very lucky) I got to meet up with Grace, Kyle and Shannon on our 2 week visit.
Happy Independence Day too!

Piece of cake – Kwik Sew 3693

While I was on holidays I did enjoyed a few local delights in the States – with glee. So now I’m back home, winter has arrived and I’m training in the mornings to get rid of those excess kilos of ‘delight’. 

This fleece jacket is Kwik Sew 3693. A good basic hoodie jacket that uses minimal pieces and very few notions. Just one long open-ended zipper in any style or configuration is all you need plus thread. Imagine using a swarovski zipper for a swanky jacket? Imagine…
I really got used to Hawaii’s weather. This cold is such a stark change from wearing shorts and swimmers everyday.
Would you believe these tights/leggings kept me cosy too? The combed fabric and long leg style did the trick. But I digress…

The fleece jacket is a navy colour. I have to play with the camera settings bit more to get the colour right. There’s no lining in this jacket so it was quick to make up.
By the way, the pockets are sewn on after you’ve finished the jacket so the pockets will always sit in the righ position for your hands.

This is ‘as good as it gets’ at 6am in the morning

I followed the instructions and Kwik Sew instructions are really clear and simple to follow. If your zipper is bigger that the pattern suggests, use it because it will bring the hood up closer to your face and keep you warmer in the cold. See the second picture from the top.

I can’t really blame these Hawaiian cookies pictured for my self-inflicted weight predicament. Nor can I blame the cinnabons I ate with Shannon, the great Mexican food I enjoyed with Grace, Chai lattes, cake donuts with icing,  hot dog at the Mets game, Crackerjacks, burgers, pizza or cakes from Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, NJ. Oh and not the Mac Attack (3 types of mac n cheese) I had for lunch with Kyle and those donuts!! But I had to try them all.
I can only blame moi.

Next up
I wasn’t able to post much, or reply to comments or sew while I was on holidays in the States but my next few posts will show the sewing aspect of this trip.
I’ve already mentioned the food 🙂

Thank you all for reading the interviews I did post while I was on holidays. I thought this might give you something different to read for a change.
Thanks Mari, Laura and Lena for preparing your responses. I have enjoyed working with you.