We’re in:)

This morning I registered for Puyallup – Sewing & Stitchery Expo 2011.  As Sharon mentioned, this has been on the cards since Alison brought it up about this time last year. I find it hard to describe to non-sewers about this event so depending on who I’m speaking to, I try to explain it based on what they’ve experienced before. But this is going to be a great opportunity for us to see lots, learn lots and meet a huge range of sewers that we just don’t have here in Oz.

My seminar picks are:
2 hour shirt – Marta Alto
Coats made easy – Cecelia Podolak
Sew with your feet – Debra Justice
Pants fitting from you – Linda Lee
Power sewing toolbox – Sandra Betzina
Shirt dress restyled – Cecelia Podolak
Sew like a pro – Connie Crawford
The arty cardi – Marcy Tilton
Fit from the floor – Lorraine Henry
Customise and design fabric – Stephanie Kleinman
Intro to drapery – Jan Bones

Friday afternoon will be chockers for me with 4 sessions so I should know where I’m going by then.

DH had no objections to my going because the Seattle area and Portland, are boutique beer meccas and he loves beer, so he’ll be joining us at the end of Expo. DH and I will tour the west coast for three weeks so depending on my fabric purchases, DHL might help me out a bit. I do however have a list of fabric stores when I’m with DH 🙂