Minerva sewing – fine fabric tips

In anticipation of a special event, I love working with lace and sequins to make a gorgeous outfit (or frock as we say). So why not work with fabric consisting of both corded lace and sequins from Minerva Crafts

Here’s what I look for when choosing sequin fabric:

  • Sequins sewn in swirls. They’re not sewn on in straight lines. It isn’t as obvious if sequins come loose and fall off.
  • Sequins that break. These sequins can be sewn over it I overlook them before I sew a seam.
  • Sequin fabric that’s sewn onto mesh that doesn’t unravel. Then I can cut the fabric randomly to suit my needs. 

Do I use couture techniques?
Not in the real sense.
If I can line the fabric with everyday lining, I do.
If I can machine sew through the fabric, I will.
If I only need to interline the sequin fabric, that’s fine with me.

My sewing aim is to achieve a great fitting outfit and love the process.

I appreciate lining, interlining, underlining, hand stitching, hand picked zippers, boning techniques and I can apply these techniques when necessary. I’ve done all that for formal gowns and tailoring.

I work full time and so I have limited sewing time to work on amazing gowns. But I’m about to make an amazing gown so I’ll be using some of these couture techniques. I’m just not sure which ones I’ll use on Butterick 6582.

This time my dress will be made of fully sequinned fabric. Yum. 
The lighting in the house varies but the colour of this fabric is rich and golden.

Have a close look at the picture above. Can you see there’s more lace than sequins here?

I accidentally pulled an invisible thread and it rained sequins and I was able to fix this.

I finished sewing the dress and took the first photo as my sequin fix guide. 

Then I placed the dress on the ironing board and hand sewed the sequins in a similar configuration. Not the same mind you but enough to cover that area.

This took about 30 minutes to complete. As the fabric is interlined, it was much easier to resew on the sequins though the lace and the interlining.I have been collecting the dropping sequins (now a whole lot fewer) and I’ll be keeping these sequins for future hand sewing emergency situations.