Sandwich bolero

MMM12 Day 21: This simple bolero style takes less than an hour to cut and make up. In the office it gets cold in the afternoons so I need something to keep the cold off my shoulders.

The fabric was a remnant from Adelaide in January and I didn’t want to waste it so it’s now another layer for the colder months ahead.The sandwich reference is because you fold the fabric into quarters and then cut the arm shape. Sewing steps are to then sew up the sleeve seams, then finish off the neckline and sleeve hem, if it’s necessary.

Topper: Sew Stylish bolero Spring 2007 I’ve since made the sleeves skinnier but kept the sleeve length.
Top: Kwik sew 2694 View A. Here’s a black version and a bunch of other versions.
Skirt: McCalls 8972. Here’s another red slub version or a denim version.

MMM12 Day 22:

Jacket: Lincraft jacket. Lincraft (1082) zipper jacket made from a double knit and fully interfaced with textureweft to keep it’s shape. Previously seen on Day 14.
Skirt: Butterick 3597.  I’ve now taken out 5cm from the centre back seam so it’s more straight skirt than a-line skirt.
MMM12 Day 23:
Jacket: You saw this jacket on Day 4.
Blouse: Vogue 8118 in silk.
Skirt: Vogue 8426 kick pleat skirt. I’ve taken 5cm out of the side seam but I now need to adjust the centre back hem.
June project list:
Computer bag McCalls 6410
Gloves Butterick 5695
Jacket for Mum Kwik Sew 3716
Update the fit of 2 jackets
1912 ladies spring mantle
I’ve already started on the glove toile so I’ll keep you updated on how these turn out.

Red skirts

It wasn’t too hard to find red fabric to match my new silk blouse. In fact there was a red skirt that I’d made last year and needed a bit of adjusting at the waist Vogue 8426 view A.


What you’ll notice is that this skirt has a back pleat so that meant the main adjustment was on the side seams at the waist. I couldn’t bear to play with the sides too much because of the detailing. I also raised the hem because it was too low. The hem is still not quiet there but I can manage with this length for now.
The ribbon at the back allows me to slip this top on – zippers or buttons. It also allows me to adjust this to fit my frame.

This second skirt, McCall 8972 view H, was made last month to match the top. The key feature is a fitted waist yolk and pockets on the front. Both skirts are lined.

Red ufo done

Since my last post I’ve been in two minds about my wardrobe. I’ve shrunk but I think I’ve stabilised. And yep, I finished the first silk blouse.

The top is Vogue 8118 and it really doesn’t crease. It’s been sitting on my sewing desk waiting for its accompanying skirt for three weeks. The next version of this blouse will have bias for the neckline facing and I’ll sew the neckline tie lower down the neckline.

The seam finishes are zigzaged so they don’t form a rigid like a french seam would have resulted.

The skirt is one that I made last year but I’ve since resized it by taking out the back zipper and bringing the side seams in by 1″ on both sides.

Silk sensation

On the weekend I did a silk top workshop at Rhodes ASG and we had Angie Zimmerman as our tutor. She’s just great with the theory, sample finishes and individual assistance. Nothing is a hassle for Angie and we love having her run classes for us, when she can squeeze us in.

Here are the two tops I started. The first one Vogue 8118, I’ve sewn before without the front tie piece but I found that my waist and hips are smaller so I’ve cut it to fit. I also played with the tie piece and reduced the width by a third. The fabric is a soft silk, but I felt that the tie still needed to suit my frame.
The fabric print was a bit tricky so I had to be careful to place the white flowers around my bust and not on top of my bust, like headlights. I’m thinking of adding white piping on the tie piece, so that’s going to be something to consider, just to bring out the line of the tie piece. I’ll do a fine fold over hem on the sleeves and the bodice hemline.

The second tunic top McCalls 5556, has been in my pattern stash for a while. Here’s the thing. I checked my sizing on the pattern envelope and I came out to a 14. When I checked the pattern pieces and ease, I cut out a 10.

From Angie’s notes, I’ll need to do a straight stitch seam with a closely sewn and small zigzag finish (1 width, 2 length zigzag). I’ve also got to cut out the collar and trim pieces in another fabric. The pink I’ve used is a toile, that I hope to wear. I doubt that I’ll do a contrast hem finish but I will attempt this in the same pink fabric. It’s worth practicing on.