charity pillow cases

The charity sewing for Puyallup this year is pillow cases. Below is the last piece of quilt fabric, now a pillow case. I think this will be a girl pillowcase.

Here are the three that I’ve produced today. The blue ones have no trim and I’m assuming these will be a hit with young soccer fans.

These will be three of hopefully a million pillow cases that are provided by the people who visit Puyallup this year. If I have any spare time, before our trip, I’ll try to make a couple more pillow cases.

Great people

I’m truly convinced that there are so many great people who sew because throughout our US trip planning process and registering for Sew Expo at Puyallup, there have been lots of issues/hurdles, but people are basically helpful and kind.
This will probably be our only visit to Puyallup because it’s a long way to travel but we just don’t have the breadth of learning experiences and sewing suppliers in Australia. The show organisers have had lots to deal with this year and they are so helpful and willing to be accommodating to us. Rita’s blog is handy as is their facebook page. Most of all Ann Sagawa emails us directly, and she’s never met us. How good is that?

We’ve also been doing fabric shopping research for Seattle, Portland, LA together as well as fabric research when we head our separate ways, so include San Francisco in the mix. PR review has been real handy as have the Yahoo and Stitches girls. Blogfriends like Mushywear, has offered her Portland fabric knowledge (which I’m more than happy to accept).

I was shopping at Spotlight on Sunday and the male shopper who was looking bewildered at the snaps/closures/velocro section gave me a handy travel tip. Sew snap closures in your travel trouser pockets to deter pickpockets. This would have been a great deterrent a couple of years ago when DH had his wallet taken at the Eiffel Tower. See what I mean?

So I know that there are undesirables out there, but they are just so outnumbered by the wave of great people in our international sewing community. Love ‘yous’ all.

We’re in:)

This morning I registered for Puyallup – Sewing & Stitchery Expo 2011.  As Sharon mentioned, this has been on the cards since Alison brought it up about this time last year. I find it hard to describe to non-sewers about this event so depending on who I’m speaking to, I try to explain it based on what they’ve experienced before. But this is going to be a great opportunity for us to see lots, learn lots and meet a huge range of sewers that we just don’t have here in Oz.

My seminar picks are:
2 hour shirt – Marta Alto
Coats made easy – Cecelia Podolak
Sew with your feet – Debra Justice
Pants fitting from you – Linda Lee
Power sewing toolbox – Sandra Betzina
Shirt dress restyled – Cecelia Podolak
Sew like a pro – Connie Crawford
The arty cardi – Marcy Tilton
Fit from the floor – Lorraine Henry
Customise and design fabric – Stephanie Kleinman
Intro to drapery – Jan Bones

Friday afternoon will be chockers for me with 4 sessions so I should know where I’m going by then.

DH had no objections to my going because the Seattle area and Portland, are boutique beer meccas and he loves beer, so he’ll be joining us at the end of Expo. DH and I will tour the west coast for three weeks so depending on my fabric purchases, DHL might help me out a bit. I do however have a list of fabric stores when I’m with DH 🙂