Piping hot – New Look 6214

This was a more serious attempt (floral vintage) at piping using the vintage fabric that I bought at the vintage show last month and more steam-a-seam lite and cord. And this dress is Mad Men Inspired

The dress siblings on the dress stand

There was just enough fabric for the main part of this dress but not enough for long sleeves so I used a contrast piece from the recent Melbourne haul with TJ at Darn Cheap Fabrics.

Collar close up and piping. Rhona helped me choose the buttons.

But the weekend was full of spring-cleaning based on the influence of those of you who are making your new spring/summer outfits.

Workwear view

The windows got a new lease on life and the sun no longer struggles to come into the house.

Shoulder view – piping!!

The pantry is now glistening and it’s organised with all things coffee on the same shelf. DH adores this shelf.

Back vent view with belt carriers

And next week kitchen and bedrooms will get an overhaul.

My checking the ceiling for dust and pondering the Mad Men aspect of this dress.

The sewing room will be sorted out when winter hits. I can always close the sewing room door when we have visitors in the house so that’s a lower priority. And it will be tougher to do because it currently has stash fabric from four countries and some online purchases. 

The sleeve cuff with a joined piece to keep the sleeve the right length and more piping

My nephew and niece love looking at the fabric too. However closing the door seems so much simpler than sorting my sewing room.

Bon dimanche et bonne couture.