Beatrice: technical features

Working with lace is rewarding. This lace pattern has some texture and doesn’t fray so it’s a breeze to easy with. And puckers don’t show and move lace pieces around and there’s no risk of it showing.
This shows the top section of Beatrice.

Laura’s instructions are clear and the lapped zipper closure was a new technique that I learnt making Fifth Avenue and is also a feature on Beatrice. 

The back pleat with a lovely lace back. I added this at the hemming stage.

 Below is a close up of the neckline ‘notch’ detailing. They’re sharp.

The bodice length is the same as the pattern but I’ve adjusted the darts to sit closer together.
The skirt hem has the scalloped edge of the fabric. I’ve used a fine cotton for the body of the dress. 

While this is a pale off-white yellow colour, I’ve used a honey colour trim at the waistline.

The pockets are kangaroo pockets.
The kangaroo pocket are deep so I’ve cut them back by 2″. I do that with all pockets.
I’ll do the in real life photos this week but I got excited to have finished Beatrice today and just had to show you.