Tidy up

This is my first go at making a belt. This is a dress that I made some time ago but I wasn’t sure about the fit or the belt. The dress is Butterick 5277 and I’ve used a stretch woven suiting fabric. The dress is lined but in our hot and humid weather, I’ll be using a soft poplin lining in future.

 I’ve done a bit of adjusting to this dress because it didn’t fit too well. It was billowing and a bit sack-like, so that forced me to finally make the belt. I’ve used a simple silver buckle with no rivets. There was some old waist band stiffening in my stash, so that’s what I’ve used inside the belt.

Below is the final one-shoulder dress. It was good for the heat that we had last Sunday. It was comfortable and fun to wear.


Happy New Year to everyone. It’s been a big ‘get organised weekend’ (kitchen, bathroom, sewing room, pending US sewing trip) and eventually I did manage to make some progress on this one-shoulder dress. And I have an event to wear it to at the end of the month – yipee!
Below on the left is the first idea I had. The blue centre piece is on the back and the left is the front. I prefered the front, so I replaced the centre back piece with the pattern fabric. On the right is the other issue – I realised the centre front print was not in line with the flowers on the centre side pieces. I cut this dress out last year and this year is my year of ‘considering the details’ in life.

As you can see, on the left I replaced the centre back piece with the printed fabric and on the right I tipped the centre front upsidedown.
The built-in bust was way off the mark (no photo). It looked ‘un-real’, so the bra pieces were taken out! I wore a bandaue instead so my bodice went back to looking ‘natural’ not ‘Las Vegas showgirl’.

On the left the armhole will be finished with a bias strip in the printed fabric. On the right I’ve since adjusted the top of the zipper (see the yellow pin) to overcome the gap. The hemline was at the right level so I also need to handstitche the lined bodice and centre back vent. 

The printed fabric is a poly with spandex and the blue fabric is also a poly with no ease. I have some black strappy heels to get me through the event. Fingers crossed. 

one shoulder – NL 6912

The key to a great dress form is sometimes in the support that you build into it. This dress doesn’t mention support but I think that I should keep defying gravity where possible especially if I want to wear the one shoulder version view C.
Initially I thought that lining the top pieces would work but then I wondered how easily would it be to buy a bra that suited this dress.
I’m currently hand sewing the bust insert pieces into the top lining, before I machine stitch them into place. My concern is about keeping the top fit as is while building in support but at 2am last night I couldn’t sleep because I kept wondering ‘what if’.
Years ago I made a wedding dress for a very slim colleague who needed the bust built in. We tried a few bust pieces but the best shape were shoulder pads. True. It worked really well and she was proud of her new shape.
More soon.